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  1. Daventry will be tough they have been flying this season!! really hope HW can pull it off! Would be great to see them on ITV or BBC!
  2. must have been a dramatic finish! any video footage?
  3. whats your point easy game? the goal that beat us was a worldy too! we more than held our own against pros which was good from my point of view
  4. The team we lost two had at 2 league players and a couple of conf players so we didn't do to bad
  5. Most players on 140 a week Jonno...think we need to chat!
  6. Yes thanks. Had a concussion and bruising on neck and back. Just an unfortunate collision.
  7. As I had to go to hospital before the end of the 90 I didn't see extra time. We were missing one or two players but it was as strong as we could get for the night. Though we should have had the game out of sight in the first half with the chances we had but credit to spelthorne who dominated the second half and the equaliser was a worldy! Apparently the winner was too but didn't see it. Spelthorne are a good side and surprised they aren't higher up div 1. Good luck in the final
  8. To clear up it was some off the pitch issues that have been brought to football. It has been dealt with now so we can move on.
  9. Always trained twice a week without fail for many years. From Conf South to CCL prem. When dropped down to div 1 the training turn outs were far worse and only trained once per week if that at most places.
  10. Reckon they should change these games to a super sunday ! Frimley vs westfield 1:30 ko Egham vs guernsey 4 pm! Ko
  11. some great goals and a great advert for the CCL "park football"
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