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  1. Now then Alan, imagine a side story on Eastenders or Corrienation Street like they have sometimes I would have thought, you know, while the main story is still running but you know? Alongside that yeah? You've got it? Right. Okay, one of the main protagonists, we'll call him Cliffy for now, needs a bit of development maybe but it's on one of the backburners so to speak.. Anyway, this bloke has a living we could call it, very good if he didn't gamble and spend his pocket money on, let's say buying mate's 'things' - let's leave it a little vague, slightly less dark, after all it is family viewing eh? Well, anyway, he thinks up a plan to earn a bit of extra scrub right, okay, maybe it's a bit iffy. See, Alan, iffy rhymes with Cliffy, s'good innit so far? How we doing Rhodesly? Worth developing?
  2. Wow Rhodesly, I can't wait to see some photos of him meeting the great man yourself or some personal correspondence. Not that I have any doubts.
  3. What on earth are you talking about Rhodesly? As far as evidence went you certainly convicted your mate of being a con artist creep. It's just timing Rhodesly, don't sulk. Come on, what could possibly begin with the letter... V? Bet you can guess.
  4. Well Rhodesly - I haven't been given permission yet but we could start working up a new storyline for Alan. What could it be about? I wonder yet if you'll be sorry you wanted to partner up on this Rhodesly.. I'm thinking of a letter.. one that begins with... V? Yes.. V..
  5. I think you are funny too Alan. But not in the same way that Rhodesly is if you know what I mean? Not funny haha.
  6. A close personal friend is he Rhodesly? Been visiting?
  7. I'd rather see you deny it first Rhodesly. Thanks for your time.
  8. Never an answer coming, only another question. Even if we get to the end of the line, he just turns around and gets on the opposite line all over again folks.
  9. Yeah, not the sort of thing I'd claim given Rhodesly's poor question.
  10. Has Rhodesly asked you Cup of Tea what letters you have after your name? Perhaps you could also make some up to satisfy him, if I feel encouraged by yourself I'll try to set Rhodesly's mind at rest, temporarily of course.
  11. Dear oh dear Rhodesly. I'd like you to point out where I led you or others to believe anything before you make accusations like that. Which you cannot.
  12. Apologies folks, been meaning to bump this thread but I suppose I was hoping that Rhodesly would come clean. Anyway, hopefully we'll get this bottomed out..
  13. Why, what's it got to do with you Rhodesly? How do you know I don't have the right to have letters following my name? Seems you jump to too many conclusions just because no-one will answer your impertinent questions toad. Ah, I've just remembered the thread I wanted to 'bump'.
  14. Absolutely Big JR, after wasting hundreds of millions retro-fitting brand new aircraft carriers the Ministry of Blunders has yet to resolve the issue. At present it is left years without aircraft and even when they arrive they will be too slow to compete with foreign forces. The Blunderers were warned time and again before putting this new procurement into place, just look at this article outlining the Royal United Services Institute's damning report warning of the mistake about to happen. Unfortunately no one knows best like the wasters at the Ministry of Shame and it fell on deaf, sorry closed ears. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/oct/04/ministry-of-defence-outsourcing-buying
  15. What on Earth are you talking about Rhodesly, there are millions of people in this country with no letters after their name. Of course there is no shame but I can't quite work out why it should bother you so much. Now, what was that thread I was thinking of? I'm sure it will come to me. Something about someone else being too ashamed to answer..
  16. Rhodesly - talking about unanswered questions, I wonder whether there are any threads that need bumping?
  17. Are those the letters after your name Urchin? Rhodesly will be pleased to know.
  18. Spacey gave 10 years of his life to reviving The Old Vic. Lenny Henry co-founded Comic Relief which has raised over £1bn for charity. Maybe Her Madge doesn't find Van Morrison as repetitive as I do, who knows?
  19. So why is he being hounded by the media Rhodesly? Why is it always the Black runners you want to persecute?
  20. Well Rhodesly, are you going to attempt denying it? Now you are wondering just how much I really do know perhaps that will encourage you to come clean?
  21. Yes, who knew? I think this thread has the potential to expose quite a lot Big JR, I'm afraid Rhodesly is wondering right now just how much I do know. For your information Big JR, I know a lot more than Keeps thought he knew... Hopefully we're still entertaining Romford Boy.
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