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  1. And don't spelthorne want you? Try knapp hill they seem to have finally got their act into gear
  2. Was both extremely impressed and very dissapointed watching knapp hill today. South kilburn were very poor and deserved to lose, and the young knapp hill team were excellent all over the park. My tip is knapp hill for the title
  3. All just rumours at moment. If it is proven to be the case then yes discipline is a must. I say kick them from the league or relegate them (especially if weapons involved)
  4. it amazes me how fast news can travel. Was anybody hurt? I have been told a knife was being wealded. This sort of action has no place in football
  5. Ive heard it was a punch up. Fans and weapons involved! Glad I wasnt there, dont think the old ticker could take it
  6. heard the house overlooking ground have something to do with Eversley rejection
  7. heard the house overlooking ground have something to do with Eversley rejection
  8. might don my wellingtons and watch south kilburn v MVSCR. This will be better game the Frimley v westfield. intrigued how the management teams will fair against each other
  9. You sound like the idiot mate - if anyone is
  10. i might buy you a beer tigger as i intend on going to. looking forward to seeing page again
  11. Chubby Brown pants, you are still being sheepish. How comes nobody on here knows you? I wont give you my name, but I have played for Bedfont Sports, Hanworth Villa, Egham, and Molesey. Been around a long time, and like to have an alternative view on most things, it adds excitement. I dont currently play due to ankle injuries, but might be on a touchline near you soon. Who am I?
  12. So just because you are bored with a certain subject everyone has to be? You must really think high of yourself
  13. You care redflop as you denied it! Dont be a hypocrite.
  14. So either you are lying or part of your management team is? Would someone exagerate the truth to make themselves and the club look better, or would someone cover the truth to save face at the teams poor season so far? Are you one of the players on £20 a game? Also heard you have secured Ashford's ground for a further two years, even though the figures seem excessive. Thats good news, if you earn your wages and start winning like "the good old days"
  15. So you're saying they are consistant losers now? not very nice
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