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  1. Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction
  2. Agreed. Not one of the games that will live on in the memories of 'Fleet' fans.
  3. Andy rated Robin very highly, so when he was released, the offer of a pre-season trial, this summer, was extend. If the offer is still exists, only Andy and Robin know for sure.
  4. Roy Essandoh solves the '15-20 goals a season striker', especially as he's on a two year contract, but how about someone to work along side him. Manny Omoyinmi is only with us till the end of the season, so I think Ben Abbey and Jamie Pinnock would work well with Roy. Short and tall, goals scored high and low.
  5. Keep your hands off my tea chest. And me mum said can she have her broom handle back at half-time?
  6. Quote: If we keep our heads down, and just get on with things then that could be best policy at moment, rather than bringing constant attention to ourselves. And, if you screw your eyes up really, really tight. And stick your fingers in your ears and hum really, really loudly, the big bad men from the Conference will all go away. Ya boo! Sucks to you!
  7. No change whatsoever in Liam' game. Barnet might be full-time, but is Liam? It didn't show yesterday. Over all not the best game this season, we didn't finish off our chances and there were plenty of them. Rob Owen and Lee Gledhill both looked off form, their passing was poorer than we've come to expect. That may of been down to pressure they were put under by Barnet, that was Manny Omoyinmi' problem, too. Considering he had to get around heavy weight 'pieman' Redhill. Andy Drury didn't look 100% either, then again when you've had stud marks up your chest, it's not surprising. Our greatest loss was Roy Essandoh, goal scorer or goal provider, he is at the hub of the team. Better luck next week.
  8. According to my Barnet source not much has changed with Liam. He has been out injured and been trying to regain fitness for most of this season. Recently however, he has hit a 'purple patch', scoring at least twice in recent weeks. His style of play hasn't changed much, he's a still a 'terrier'. Chasing everything, losing the ball and chasing it again. And using his height in the box. My source also said that last Tuesday against Stevenage, he was trying to hold the ball up more and then lay it off, something they hadn't seen him do before. This style of play didn't suit him, in fact he looked ill at ease and uncomfortable. It could be something he's been taught recently and hasn't got the hang of yet. The Barnet fans were screaming at him to pass the ball as quickly as possible or make one of his usual runs. No matter how much of a hero Liam was for us, footballing tradition maintains that he will receive a healthy North Kent barracking today.
  9. So he'll be alright for next season then. If Southend get relegated.
  10. Ben hasn't had the greatest season. We all hoped he would be our 'golden boy', that reliable striker that we so badly needed, who would knock the goals in week after week, without any effort. A more eager and goal hungry replacement for Che, but it wasn't to be. However, in recent weeks, Andy has stuck by Ben and his confidence is growing. He has scored goals, albeit only a few. But, the energy and the desire to be in the right place at the right time shows everytime he plays. If he's alright by Andy, then he's alright by me.
  11. Daly subbed 'Skins', in the 81st minute of our 0-0 home game against Accrington Stanley.
  12. Quote: GNFC FAN said: What's the state of Margate's ground, could they return there without doing the planned work? This is not a snide remark. Margates Hartsdown Park = Bomb Site. When last seen the pitch was numerous piles of earth
  13. Okay, so it was only his first game for us, but what are St. Albans doing, wallowing in the lower depths of the Ryman Premier? This boy is good. Matt, look to your laurels, Lee seamlessly fitted in as if he'd been with all season. A fair turn of speed and a level head under pressure.
  14. Lynne Thigpen - Actress (Anger Management)
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