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  1. 17-July 11 - Happy Birthday Dockers :)

  2. 17-July 10 - Happy Birthday Dockers :)

  3. Well done Romford - Sincere Congratulations from everyone at Tilbury Football Club. Regards - Doc! www.tilburyfc.com
  4. Thanks lads, all the Ex Eton Manor boys did us proud:- Andy Hall Courtney Mclean Rickie Hayles Jamie Wallace Manlee Brown Kunle Adeoye Tony Leary Graham Chester Much deserved success for the Dockers this season. Thanks again - Doc!
  5. Hiya TF, you can safely bet that we shall have a few coaches going, certainly judging by the amount of interest received via emails and phones Calls. We have an event logged also on our Club facebook, the interest on that alone will fill a few coaches. Regards - Doc
  6. Originally Posted By: Biased Bob What other Fan? Wot, you mean there's two of us? Regards - Doc! www.tilburyfc.com "right here right now!
  7. Originally Posted By: JAY Well good luck to them and I can see them winning over some grays fans who are not happy with the way grays is being run Hmmm, now there's a plan! Regards - Doc! www.tilburyfc.com "right here right now"
  8. Indeed it is Chopper, I am told we shall be in by the start of next season? Hmmm, sounds a bit optimistic to me, however, the developers need to get building before the planning runs out, which means of course the new ground will need to be built ASAP, but hey we shall have to wait and see! Also I was with the web guys yesterday and I was amazed at the progress and quality of the new site! I have set a deadline for the 31st July, so fingers crossed. Plus, calling all Tilbury players, we shall be taking some high quality photos for the front cover of the web this Saturday, so I would recommend that you all get your blue rinse and perms sorted before Saturday! It
  9. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist don't suppose they could get a new ground with new facilities??? Even a park with a park bench would be better Worth a read:- http://www.thurrockgazette.co.uk/sport/t..._the_future.php Regards - Doc! www.tilburyfc.com
  10. Working progress Ian, should be up and running by the start of the season mate. Regards - Doc! www.tilburyfc.com
  11. Indeed we do Bossman, and next will be the new website. Watch this space! Best Regards - Doc! www.Tilburyfc.com
  12. At Tilbury on Monday 11th August KO at 7:45pm:- See below link to whufc.com http://www.whufc.com/page/News/0,,12562~1334166,00.html
  13. I was at the game last night along with the rest of the Manor boys. It was a pleasure to visit your club, my first time. The game showed plenty of promise, and I thought both teams defended well. We were a little disappointed that we didn't get our first league win against you, but I thought it was a fair result in the end. The Manor team is still knitting together, a few new faces at the club who have brought in some new ideas plus a fresh approach. Thanks for the hospitality, you proved to all us visitors that you are indeed a family club with a solid tradition of good old fashioned hospitality. Hope you pick up your form again soon. See you at the Manor for the home leg. Cheers and all the best, and PS look out for our new web site in a few weeks time. www.etonmanorfc.co.uk
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