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  1. When you say Goodie was only paid for one game you need to get your facts right, he got a lot more than one payment. Make sure you know what your talking about before you make rash statements, especially concerning people's earnings that have sweet FA to do with you ‼️
  2. With the sad leaving of the Club by Alex Bentley, it has bought back the CURSE of the POTY getting the award one minute and disappearing the next. I think we should vote for the worst POTY in the future, at least it won't leave us without who we think is someone a bit special to the Club. 😳
  3. Hi all, A BIG reminder of our Presentation Night on Friday 10th May. Starts off with a Supporters vs Staff game at 7.00 pm then Disco and Presentations, everyone welcome bring friends and family, for our end of season get together. Always a good evening. ⚽️🍺🍷💿
  4. If you want tickets for this evening call Colin Burford on 07812179607 tickets can also be purchased through Jordan online or from the Club at home games. Looking forward to seeing you there. Regards The Burf
  5. Well done Tobi, gone full circle from anguish to elation. Just goes to show you should never give up in life.
  6. Listen one and all. Everyone is welcome on the evening, no obligation to pay any money before or after, just come along support your Club and find out what is planned for next season

  7. A big well done to Colin and all the team this season. Considering what we have been through they showed a true professional spirit, not playing for the dollar but for their love of the club, refreshing and a credit to them all. Cheers Lads.
  8. You Grays supporters are a bitter load of saddos, no wonder MW fancied chinning some of you
  9. Great result lads, playoffs are definately on, roll on Saturday when Borering Wood meet the Red & White Army
  10. Not quite, but we are taking it up the Arsenal from some areas
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