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  1. Well done South Park ! Enjoyed the game and well deserved, lucky goal tho' and must say lovely hospitality to boot. Good Luck next round. Bad luck Baggies but you've done your club and the little white bearded man proud !
  2. As everyone has said, GOOD LUCK to South Park it will be my first visit there this season, unlike Bommie bringing them luck, I hope I'm not a Jonah ! And GOOD LUCK to Badshot Lea, for the reason that the lovely little white bearded man (what is his name?) deserves it, and to get some of his money back which he's paid out over the years !
  3. Uncle Fester, I've already told everyone my name, but for those who need reminding it is Archibold Carruthers.........Its nice to see that you've stop your cyber bullying and swearing, at last you've now come of age, nice to see.
  4. So where's Darren Barnard in all this ? Does he have any say in the matter ? Is he still with Camberley ? Last heard he moved upstairs ? I'm sure there were some good candidates for the managers job, but why did the chairman want to do the job? Its clear that the money down there is not what is was or is it that players do not want to go there 'cos of the management ? Not too sure what Camberleys priorities are and where they are aiming for. Always been prominant in the top 6 of CCL Prem so why this sudden change of thought ? It does baffle me somewhat, so again I ask the above question ? And why did Barnard stand down as manager ? Mysterious !
  5. As I have said before TRS its Archibold Curruthers
  6. I love Guernsey ! ... a breath of fresh air to the CCL. Listen there will always be that 1-2 people always looking to criticise, but if you look at all the clubs Guernsey have entertained since joining the CCL I can only think of 1 ''public'' complaint and that being who, oh yes Croydon strange theres a comparison here, all the rest have positive things to say about Guernsey so stay rested Guernsey FC and their forumrites, you know you are doing well both at home and away games, so long may it continue.,,,, Anyway, I plan to make at least 3-4 visits this season, and no doubt see you play on the homeland as well. So really it is now good night....hick !.
  7. Remember you Guernsey forumrites you are dealing with one and only Smudgey ''TWO FACE'' boy.....so if you're patient he will say ''I LOVE GUERNSEY''.....oops looks like he's said it already alas TWO FACED ! Guernsey Forumrites, not sure if you were aware but TWO FACE lives in Croydon and was once a Croydon FC supporter. He used to be ball boy collecting the balls at the most beautiful ground in the CCL namely ''The Arena'' until something personal happened to him and he has not supported them since. Night ....hick, hick, hick !
  8. You know Pads eh....damn, oh well thats that then ! Archibald Curruthers Scout ......... DYB, DYB, DYB, DOB, DOB, DOB aka Scarlet............unknown for many years !!!
  9. Ahhhh girls you missing me are you ...........lol !
  10. ....anyway Dunc the Unc you found your wig yet ..........lol !!!! .......right lets get going Uncle Fester...lol !!!
  11. I will accept that as your apology then............ ...and of course hereith speak the PERFECT ONE.......known as TWO FACE and we all know why ask Guernsey !. I was explaining to Windsor Sec how easy it is to avoid the 'tapping up'' claim, but you have to stick your nose in..... sorry Windsor Sec.
  12. TWO FACE if you want to know what his name is its KENNY LYNCH ain't that right SF ..... !!! Happy now !
  13. Talking of apologies TWO FACE I think you owe me one on the Windsor forum.......it is funny guys !
  14. A DISGRACE !!! Let me put to you TWO FACE how stupid are you ? Time and time again, you do not read my post carefully always jumping to conclusions and shooting yourself in the foot.......bang, bang you done it again Of course there are more than 11 numbers thats why I picked the 12 (twelve) numbers by pure random Did you not note the name of the player and the team he plays for........ duuurrrr ! The above is an example for Windsor Sec.on how easy this can be done, backing up JJ comments where there are too many grey areas to confirm any evidence of ''tapping up'' players. Happy now ! Apologies will be accepted in due course .... !!!
  15. 'ere JJ contacted that player Joe Bloggs he said he will play for Chertsey so put a 7dayer into Wearing Jeans his number is 077895349852 allowing time to wash and dry then go in for him, he will join you.............simple Windsor Sec. no illegal approach made..... ! .This happens Windsor Sec at all levels of football.... even Barclays Premier ! .
  16. Adam you stay put, don't let these bully you off the forum......you do make some worthy comments, then again some you don't but its an open forum for the public with different opinions which will not agree with anyone but can make for interesting reading. Good job we are not all the same otherwise the forum would become even more boring without the banter.......... ! So Bommie whats the conclusion ............ ! Let sleeping dogs lie, if one doesn't agree with comments made....IGNORE its simples.
  17. Ssssuuuussshhhhh ! I will PM you with any details 'cos I know I can trust you not to say anything TWO FACE !
  18. Well Bommie, who has complained about the childish name calling ? Was it Smudgeyboy, TWO FACE, Dunc the Unc, Uncle Fester or Roth the Moth ? Lighten up ! Surely you have got to have some banter on this forum thats part of what football is and this is a football forum, blimey now its got to be serious .... please, now thats totally boring zzzzzzzzzzzzz oops sorry just dozing off........you can mix the two its just a bit of fun. There's a few likes to this subject, so guess they were the people complaining ......some of the banter is quite funny actually, oh well night zzzzzzzzzzz BOMMIE !
  19. I would imagine E&H that there are many Pete's from Molesey but I'm not one of them,......
  20. ITK and Krooontzzzz ...Last night is was the ''Battle of the (Budget) Bulge'' and Egham came out on top. ....Baddies now only won 5 out of 6........ !!! Loads of Money !
  21. WOW ! Horrible little man, well not as ferocious as Dunc the Unc I suppose........ ! You're a typical Windsor supporter....can't face the truth, and when it comes you don't like it ! Stop hiding behind those rose tinted glasses and see the light You keep being in denial Roth the MOTH and stay in your own little cuckoo Windsorland ! I genuinely want Windsor to do well with their kids now they have seen their senses, instead of trying to BTC last season thinking they could win the league yet waste £65000 for nothing but line management and players pockets. ! Just imagine what the club could have done with that money which was obviously available..... have you ever thought of that ?...I doubt it ! MOTH go back into your cupboard.......
  22. 1st paragraph, if your comment is aimed at me you are incorrect, it is not bulls*it ! Where in my comments did I say Windsor made any illegal approaches. All I was refering to is that because of Windsors budget last season, they approached and secured players because of what they can afford to offer and pay them, and now the shoes on the other foot where Windsor cannot afford them.so players go to other clubs......a reality check and its not not nice.....but its football ! £90 a game I'd like to know who they were especially if they are in the CCL !!! 2nd paragraph, yes it is here or there, money attracts the better players in accordance to the manager. If Windsor didn't have the money you couldn't attract the players you had from a higher level, look where they have gone now... CCL ???? Lets get real, those players were playing at CCL level for the money, if it was for the club which was mentioned last season, why are they not there now.....simples ! Now one should appreciate the loyalty in players, when will you Windsorians realise this, and stop being in denial. Correct ! Wish every secretary/club did the honourable thing, its the correct method and you should be commended .....eh (Chertseytown) Spencer Day !!!
  23. Just shows how much they were being paid at Windsor ... ! NLN believe what you hear ! Windsor budget last season was £1800 a week but remember it included the management as well. Doesn't need a lot of working out. last seasons budget will eventaully come out in the open, then the Windsor supporters who were in denial will realise what was happening....
  24. You see Windsor Sec what goes around, comes around, its not nice is it when the shoe its on the other foot. Thats what Windsor did last season to other clubs so now one knows how it feels when there is no budget, welcome to the difficult times .......annoying ! Work done in most CCL clubs are done by volunteers which should be highly commended especially if done in their own time. My hats goes off to you all !
  25. Reds will Nathan be moving up at Lammas then or taking a complete break ?
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