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    NICE GUY got a reaction from Tree Hugger in Two Face   
    You know Pads eh....damn, oh well thats that then !
    Archibald Curruthers
    Scout ......... DYB, DYB, DYB, DOB, DOB, DOB
    aka Scarlet............unknown for many years !!!
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    NICE GUY reacted to duncs in THE RATTLING OF........................   
    Hmmm seems to be a bit of ganging up to me lads what is wrong with somebody who is a little bit different seems that he doesn't fit the status quo so in your lots eyes he is a wrong en.come on it takes all sorts to make a good debate and I think AK.s contributions are valued by a lot of us,some of his posts are crap and so are mine and so are yours but thats the way things work we must stop this trying to conform attitude it really is becoming quite alarming imo.
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from Don't Blame Me in Bored of all the bickering   
    Adam you stay put, don't let these bully you off the forum......you do make some worthy comments, then again some you don't but its an open forum for the public with different opinions which will not agree with anyone but can make for interesting reading.
    Good job we are not all the same otherwise the forum would become even more boring without the banter.......... !
    So Bommie whats the conclusion ............ !
    Let sleeping dogs lie, if one doesn't agree with comments made....IGNORE its simples.
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from GD The Fall Guy in Bored of all the bickering   
    Ssssuuuussshhhhh ! I will PM you with any details 'cos I know I can trust you not to say anything TWO FACE !
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    NICE GUY reacted to Rother in Bored of all the bickering   
    Well that worked a treat didn't it Bomaya?
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from johnnojudo in Knaphill/Ellers/Redders/loads of other waffle   
    Have you and Brunty split up now then .....bless ?
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    NICE GUY reacted to Henry in Guernsey WILL walk this league !   
    Cheers, I was enjoying it and always like a bit of banter. To be fair if I was looking to avoid it I'd probably not sport a pink bandana in hot weather.
    Anyway, I was at Westfield last season and have enjoyed the 3 games I've played against Guernsey. Players, fans, and officials a friendly bunch who made us feel extremely welcome when we were over in February.
    Guernsey have, in my opinion, been nothing but good for the Combined Counties. I would happily wager my worldly possessions that for 99% of the players in the league it will be the only time they fly to a game, and off mainland UK, for a game of football. Also for many it will be the biggest crowds played in front of. All a great experience for the players and officials which surely, at this level, is what it's all about. After all it is a hobby.
    Also the best side I've played against at this level, including AFC Wimbledon many years ago. I wish Guernsey, Guernsey TV, and everything connected with the club all the best
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from GD The Fall Guy in Message to Guernsey People.   
    Million and 1 times now.....Windsor should not have used their budget of £65000 to try and buy the league, it was an incorrect decision to concentrate on promotion than rather building up a brand new club...... their priorities were wrong ! ........No-one has still anserwed me, IF Windsor had got promotion, I really wonder if all the budget would have been cut ? Whilst many say yes, I have those doubts it would !
    Lack of knowledge is also the cause of Windsor's action. You should not need £1800-a-week to win the CCL. My previous posts has mentioned this before, so whilst the Windsor Forumites mocked me last season......I've mentioned it again....who laughing now !
    I appreciate the Windsor supporters remain loyal and believe in what the Chairman is doing, but lets be honest its a season too late, he should have done this last season .......but you have those rose tinted glasses......so easily lead !
    Dont Windsor supporters question the Chairmans actions ? Yes he may have the club at heart, but he must be thinking he made the wrong decision spending all that money last season ? Be interesting to hear his views !
    ., .
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    NICE GUY reacted to Redrup No2 in Top CCL stiker on the move   
    There's a lot of good players in CCL that should be testing them selfs alot higher!
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    NICE GUY reacted to Stupot in Windsor Fc   
    Oh dear the poor players that will get 'screwed over'.
    The same players that have left other ccl clubs during last season and this to join Windsor with not much of a care as to the club they have left behind as long as they receive increased 'expenses'.
    Not a lot of sympathy here.
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from Smudge in Ian Varley Horsham FC Captain.   
    Whoa there cowboy ! Listen, its good that Cartain Marvel.....oops sorry Varley has apologised BUT lets get real. The mistake Mr. Varley made is what player have you seen takes pictures of the dressing room, shower area, pitch, stand other than to make a mockery of the facilirties all so premeditated, so unfortunately your apology Mr, Varley doesn't wash with me, but a nice gesture to calm everything down.
    Now I would understand if you took pictures of Man Utd, Arsenal dressing room, shower area, pitch, terraces ......you know what you've said and correctly tried to wrangle your way out of it which is understandable. it was in bad taste and hopefully a lesson learnt, but its all been said now, apology made so lets move on.
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    NICE GUY reacted to milf hunter in BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY - SCORES ON THE DOORS.   
    As i said that is my opinion based on last season.If he is so great why was he an unused substitute yesterday.Fine one to accuse anyone of talking shit are you not Anthony?
    Will be leaving this thread now becuase as usual it is getting personal when people dont like the views of others.
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    NICE GUY reacted to nut250 in Wednesday 18th July Friendlies   
    Will it be the biggest and best squad knaphill have had
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from Green_Fingers in Someone needs to come Clean   
    ......and thats if the clubs floodlights don't fail.........LOL! .
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from Smudge in Someone needs to come Clean   
    ......and thats if the clubs floodlights don't fail.........LOL! .
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    NICE GUY reacted to hammer59 in Fecker Gump   
    Went to visit friends in the Ash area the other day and heard some noises nearby so decided to have a nose. I saw a load of red faces chaps running round in circles being followed by a bald bloke on a bike, carrying a 1970's training manual under one arm and several Dan Air League registration forms with the dates crossed out under the other, shouting "run feckers, run" at the top of his voice.
    Seemed strange to me, but then each to their own, eh!
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    NICE GUY reacted to duncs in Camberley Town (review/preview)   
    Unfortunately Sunday's is where a lot of players pick up injuries I know when I played I used to love Sundays but as a manager I used to hate it,I would always tell players not to play on a Sunday if there is a mid week game and you can sort of enforce that by leaving them out or taking them off if they start and look fecked the only problem with that is you can sometimes cut your nose off to spite your face,nobody can play 3 games in 4 days and give thier all its impossible.
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    NICE GUY reacted to bomaya in F.A CUP/VASE DRAWS.   
    Good place to get injured then!
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from johnnojudo in CCL Jobs Board   
    Hold on ! I thought JJ was a manager......... !!!
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from jertzee in Wembley FC   
    Think about Pearcey you may have this wrong, Hanworth's brilliant escapade in FA Cup, Vase and being filmed was brilliant for the players and club which earnt them over £20,000. They also came 3rd becuase of their good run towards the end of the season, which in theory was a two horse race from early doors between Guildford and Windsor, so getting promoted and being knocked out at the first hurdle of the Cup competitions, I ask those of Hanworth Villa what would they have preferred last season ? .
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    NICE GUY got a reaction from no melts in Wembley FC   
    Its a shame Pearcey you won't be playing in the FA Cup this season .... !
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    NICE GUY reacted to jertzee in Wembley FC   
    It's only in the FA Cup - couldn't imagine Caniggia playing week in week out in the CCL, could you??
    Either way, it's a joke, an insult to the FA Cup ADN the Wembley players whop will play week in week out for the club in the CCL but miss out in the FA Cup cos some [****!!****]ing has-beens are getting a last paycheque from some crappy brewery.
    If I played for Wmebley I would tell them to shove it.
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    NICE GUY reacted to johnnojudo in Fixtures?   
    yes a couple of them are very well known on the ccl circuit but id be foolish to say who they are. Im sure I will soon find out first hand what it feels like when a player says they will sign but doesnt.

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    NICE GUY reacted to bomaya in 3,076 Charges!   
    But "Kettering's budget is no one else's business".....say some people...
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    NICE GUY reacted to Smudge in Lovely Weather.   
    Pearcey left Wembley then?
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