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  1. Not too sure what's going on with all this as I tend to switch off from football during the summer .. I'll find out later . But it looks like a festering case of sour grapes to me . Who would have thought that little Cheshunt are a league above the mighty Enfield Town. 👀
  2. That depends on how many champion clubs there are with the right criteria . Dont forget there are several other step 5 leagues that have runners up clubs , NOT JUST the ESL .
  3. Did I not see some mention of an AFC WEST HAM ? or was that somebody fantasising ? Could Leyton Restart , The ground is still there . Just needs new owners to take it on. Was there not also a mention of a Wadham Lodge team forming ? or Some team coming from the EOL ? This league does need extra clubs , by my reckoning its about 3 short .
  4. I dont see why Enfield shouldn't replace them stands , They left a nice one at the V & E last season , Better than the meccano kit one's you have , Lol .
  5. Its called arrogance mate , Hope you guys kick their sorry royal butts in a couple of weeks .
  6. In fact I would say that was a slippery and underhanded stroke
  7. Words going round you townies played half a first team against the 1893 boys , Not exactly being sporting is it ?
  8. A great couple of matches for Stansted , Congrats to them , I'm sure they'd be disappointed not to get the magic 10 in both matches . What happened at Tiptree ? Pre season favorites at one time wernt they ?
  9. The Iron and a fist looks very dodgey to me
  10. Originally Posted By: Southport - TOWNER How about including Brimsdown, and make Broxbourne Boro and make a week end tournement out of it? sounds a cracking idea to me , lets do it.
  11. Cheshunt have big problems . Could need a level 5 bolthole next season.
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