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  1. 02-February 11 - Happy Birthday The Hog :)

  2. Having come from the combined counties forum that is always busy it doesn't look like people further west have the internet???
  3. You should have said hello TRS. Shame the video didn't truly show how far offside the second goal was. think it does show how shouldn't of been sending off! Ngu player never had control of the ball it was in your hands before contact was made! I hope ngu win the league (although not on Tuesday) but we were robbed by terrible officials today!
  4. In all fairness the CW pitch was not as bad last night as it was last season! Ref on the other hand was terrible - wanted to be one of the lads and strutted around the pitch with his chewing gum in making snide comments. He pissed off a few of the CW players at the end with a comment he allegedly made about one of their players! The angry ginger lad really wasn't happy!
  5. Warnock why them players in particular? What games you been watching?
  6. Wondering how everyone thinks the league will finish both at the top and bottom?
  7. And boy was it cold last night!!! Raynes Park may disagree, but I thought the referee had a very good game, explained his decisions, actually told players why they were being cautioned rather than just flash a card at them, played good advantage and was hard because he wore short sleeves!!! Thats two games running we have come from a goal down. I must also say I though the pitch was in decent nick. It was a bit soft on the wings, but it was green and the best I have seen it for a while. He had a decent game apart from the blatent penalty in the first half where the RPV player scooped the ball away from our forward and he booked Meps for diving which is rediculous - I have no doubt he is a fairy but the ice on the pitch meant he was never going to go to ground! I think the frost made the pitch better than it was - tyre tracks and divots weren't great especially in your goalmouth in the first half! Oh and the cold/luke warm at best showers were no fun - hot dogs in bar made up for it though!
  8. ↲↲↲Talk us through the goal conceded tc?↲↲Safe!
  9. Don't talk to me about getting there midweek - took me over 3 hours last time missed Kick Off!
  10. Apparently he is assistant reserve team manager at Andover http://www.andover-fc.co.uk/docs/NewContactUs.htm
  11. Bedfont 0-1 Sandhurst Fizzers still top!
  12. Current table anyone??? Sandhurst still top from Cambo on goal difference? The Mitoo website is for once behind!
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