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  1. Jab_n17

    Great Escape on or off ????

    good to see you back Bill and hope this forum gets busy again......as for reprieves, Bill we'll take anything at mo lol
  2. Jab_n17

    Great Escape on or off ????

    Good to see a few on here.....well 3 of us !!!!! I totally agree 75 with all your points but as we all know teams we expect to struggle against sometimes turns up nice 'surprises' and boy do we need some now. Wouldn't it be squeaky bum time if we needed draw or a win against Maidenhead @ HDP to survive on the last game of the season.......
  3. Jab_n17

    Great Escape on or off ????

    New manager, players coming, going and coming back again, no goals coincided in the last two games, great support, feel good factor back, be it for 90 mins yesterday. Is it 9 games left to survive ? can it be done ? or will we just run out of games ? A cliche I know but WE just need to collect points and not be concerned what the other teams in the 'drop zone' do....... true ????
  4. Jab_n17


    no Bill your be fine and to be honest who would want a Rams cap anyway ? hardly worth a possible holiday at HMP for that !!!!!! Oh and Happy Christmas to you
  5. Jab_n17

    The St Albans Game

    lol see what you've done as I tried to edit but no joy......anyway have a good Christmas Alan and see you on Boxing day for the '6 pointer' if that cliche is still used (sure it is) !
  6. Jab_n17

    The St Albans Game

    opps just noticed my spelling on the heading....soz guys and girls!!!!!!!!
  7. Jab_n17

    The St Albans Game

    Hopefully tomorrows game against Charlton will be well attended for two reasons, first its Charlton and secondly and more importantly all the admission money is not a 50/50 split between the two clubs so the gate money will go into MFC's much needed funds..... and I, and I'm sure other MFC supporters would say a big thanks to CFC for their very kind gesture......
  8. Jab_n17

    The St Albans Game

    just like to say I was very impressed with the team performance on Saturday and think we deserved to get a point at the very least. I know from comments from supporters that attend away matches the teams performance has been very good and apart from the results it's look positive. On a personal observation I was pleasantry surprised with the effort and commitment the boys showed and up there with the with one of the performances at HDP this season. Hopefully the the team can gain confidence and build on the performances and the results will come......
  9. Jab_n17

    Bull brings in new assistant boss

    hi Alan just been doing family stuff really and it's all happened when Margate have been playing at home. But hopefully catch up with you all at the next home game, which if I think is either the 10th or 17th, is that correct ?
  10. Jab_n17

    Bull brings in new assistant boss

    see what I mean Bill, another now goes !!!!!
  11. Jab_n17

    Bull brings in new assistant boss

    the thing is Bill there is so much going on behind the scenes I for one feel sceptical of the comings and goings within the club. To hear a guy that's been at the club for decades decides to go speaks volumes of what it's like within the club. I'm sure NB will love the extra assistance from an experienced guy like SB so long as it is 'assistance' for now and the future
  12. Jab_n17

    Bull brings in new assistant boss

    ummmmm just what i thought but not sure for the reason or reasons you have, but I hope I'm wrong and I would be very pi$$ed off if I'm correct in my thinking
  13. Jab_n17

    Club Situation

    Just listened to the NB interview and knew the situation was bad but not that bad. In my mind NB is a really down to earth guy and many a person in his shoes would have bailed and walked months ago, but to see this out and ride the storm, in my eyes he deserves the upmost respect. Surely there must be players 'out there' even in the lower leagues with potential etc that could make the jump to a higher division on realistic money to show their talent, get noticed and move through the system, along with loan players that will (I'm sure) be brought in. So with that in mind and fingers crossed NB, the players and the club will move on into the future........
  14. Jab_n17

    ETU last night

    Great to get the 3 (much needed) points. I personally think the first 20/25 mins was Margate's finest for sometime we looked awesome, ok they can't play like that 90 plus mins but they did look really good. I'm still concerned with parts of the defence as it did look to struggle at times in play and also at ETU's set pieces. Both the 'new boys' had a good debuts and for me Chris Sessegnon was personally my MOM, but to be fair every player put in a very good shift, so well done......
  15. Jab_n17

    Yesterdays PSF

    Just like to mention what a very good performance yesterday from the boys and if you were a neutral watching and not really into football that much it would difficult to distinguish which team played in the higher division to be honest. Without putting the 'kiss of death' for next season I'm very optimistic....... with everything crossed and just for the hell of it my MOM would have been Adam Cash he looks really good since that loan period, well impressed