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  1. Is Jim very animated on the Ramsgate bench...... as I've always thought he was a bit of a KIPPER
  2. to get over the trauma Jim's going to get a make over starting with a MULLET hair style
  3. Jim may sell up and relocate to WHALES as FINS are not what they used to be here in Thanet
  4. Oh and before Jimmy Krankie above it was Alex SALMON'D
  5. I bet Jim being from up north is a Nicola STURGEON follower
  6. hope Jim don't read this forum he'll be right HAKE'ed off
  7. i don't want you guys to think I'm CARP'ing about the situation regarding Jim BEAM but it does appear he's been caught HOOK,LINE and SINKER !!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think there COD be more to this then meets the eye Bill so watch this PLAICE, sorry mean space
  9. it COD have been a mistake by Jim
  10. i'm ok with with Foxes but not with Wolves apart what I've seen at Howletts
  11. Is it CheVrolet like Man Utd....we are going to be a feeder club
  12. Virgin Corporation.... it gets better
  13. Yes NKN, I to agree regarding the money what I should have said is 'within reason' and what the club can afford without going overboard in players wages. Yes the location is not ideal and travel costs and time to travel is not ideal, but it's not impossible and a successful club will hopefully bring in players that think the travel will not be a major concern and just want to play for the club....so fingers crossed and over to you NB !!!!!!!!
  14. To be fair it was on the cards so not really surprised, concerned maybe, but if contracts are up that's it I guess we move on. I personally think (and hope) things will be ok next season and it's not always money that brings out the best in a club as we well know from the past year or so. What's required are hungry, committed players that just love to play football that are treated with respect from both the club AND supporters and the money is not the main issue in coming to MFC.
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