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  1. Na I lost all my money to a company called Coldseal
  2. Originally Posted By: urchinman1961 you cant blame a bloke for checking the club out first and he likes wot he see's, first time i saw him was thursday nite,so welcome aboard tony Very true although he left his duties at Grays a few weeks ago so that he could help out at Hornchurch, it then came to a point when he had to choose a perm job and he has now done that but to suggest he has not been helping the club up to now is just a lie. There is nothing wrong with what he did I am just stating a fact. Not sure how long he will stay at Hornchurch anyway as I hear he is being earmarked for a job running a sports hub
  3. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist think you will find we denied that MW was joining and he isn't You also said that Tony was attending games as he always did and it was purely to watch the football which is wasnt
  4. The facts do make the situation look pretty suspect. multiple people were betting with multiple bookies on the same outcome for the game, no one was betting on any other outcome just this one. Instead of the Game being ranked in the 90s of the betting league table at the weekend it was pushed up towards the big boys. Lots of factors involved the scream foul play.
  5. Brilliant, last week denial this week its happened
  6. Originally Posted By: Golden Boots I suggest you go and see a therapist about your hating Mick obsession... And its getting pretty boring... My opinion, top bloke... That is all... Its not about hating its about facts. I do not hate anyone just presenting the facts, if you lot choose to ignore it because Mickey is a "top bloke" then that is fine. To end with a summary what legacy with Mickey leave at Grays. Joined a Conference South side (Ryman Prem the equivalent of what is now Conference South) took them to conference, won two trophies and back again leaving it in a million pounds worth of debt and homeless................. Top bloke thou
  7. Mickey started and ended the season as the Gaffer
  8. Originally Posted By: Golden Boots Sort your players out first...! What the 50 a season we go through?
  9. Originally Posted By: Golden Boots It amazes me the knowledge that they seem to have about the money in the club, what they used to make, how things should be run, how bad the people in charge are, but would sh1t their pants and run a mile if the chance was handed to them... Its easy to find this stuff out as Mickey himself boasted in the press how much the bar was making. The bar is now making a 5th of what it was. You can not hide from that fact and that comes down to one man. Regardless of what you see, what you know is different and many of us have witnessed first hand the real Mickey. Anyway I have no doubt that he will be heading over your way, if you think he is such a hero then great give him a warm welcome, maybe he will prove us Grays fans wrong.
  10. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist grays fans are notorious in the conference for being cvnts Really how so or you just making that up? BTW had it confirmed by someone at the club that we are in fact training on your ground, unlik you I like to get my facts straight
  11. Originally Posted By: Gooner's Disciple No1 Bored! Play off decider Saturday didn't you know? And you still allow another team to train on your pitch. Then again knowing Colin Mc as long as you churn up the middle of the pitch it wont have no affect on his long ball tactic
  12. That was one fan who was rightly turned against by the rest of us for his comments.
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