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  1. Not really. Some fans have been hoping to move for years but the Chairman was not fussed either way, the manager would rather have stayed in the CCL on balance.
  2. Barry Dunbar was the player with head injury. Yeah, he's fine, hard as nails is Barry and was walking around at the end of the game with a smile on his face. The Chairman Kevin Stott is on the PA. the position has been advertised for the last 2 years but it seems no-one else wants to do it which is a pity. Everybody wants him to stop but no-one wants to step up it seems. With me it just goes in one ear and out the other, but as soon as he speaks a few people shout "shut up Kevin!!!" You keeper won some friends today. The young boys (11yo?) behind the goal we're having young boys style banter with him and he smiled and chatted back a little, which I think took them by surprise. He was also concerned about Barry's injury and seemed to be involved in administering the 1st Aid. I saw him wiping blood off his hands. I guess he is medically trained...?
  3. I like to hear the refs give a bit of banter - today at W&H v Windsor a W&H player was giving it the old "ref, ref!!" after a bit of physical contact (nothing in it) and the ref shouted "get on with it, this is men's football, not an under 16s girls game".
  4. 6 years since the formation of Windsor FC the club's landlords have still not come up with a lease which of course means that, apart from maintenance and general upkeep, no plans for club development can have any real momentum. Should anyone feel disposed to do a few clicks on our behalf it would be very much appreciated if you guys could add a signature or two to help the cause along. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/windsor-fc-lease And a related article.... http://www.windsorexpress.co.uk/gallery/windsor/112734/windsor-fc-and-crown-estate-in-stalemate-over-the-lease-of-stag-meadow-ground.html
  5. Thanks Bronco. Whatever the rights or wrongs of that decision, I enjoyed the afternoon and that's what's important.
  6. Indeed but there were other defenders in the vicinity and it was clumsy rather than a deliberate trip. The Farnham supporters (and player) I was standing with were amazed he was sent off and assumed he must have said something to the ref. (Having watched him play this season I knew that was extremely unlikely.)
  7. Except it appears the ref doesn't know the law has been changed about red card for last defender this season.
  8. As Krooner suggests - wages. Although it is impossible to pay less than Windsor do now, for the last 2-3 years Camberley have been paying daft wages and consequently have given us a few stuffings. Those players failed to gain promotion and now that the money has dried up have buggered off to other mug clubs prepared to pay for failure.... ....is how I see it.
  9. No surprise to see Windsor see off Camberley comprehensively now that the playing field has been levelled again.
  10. It's a regional tourist destination don't you know...!
  11. Guess there'll be a number of games off today. Those looking for a late switch of game may be interested to know that Windsor v Hanworth Villa is ON.
  12. Windsor 2-1 Horley Town Dodging frequent showers and rainbows this was a game of few chances that turned on a substitution. Windsor have blooded 7 or 8 (maybe more) 17/18 year olds this season all of whom have done well. The 2 who have looked most impressive are 17 yo 'keeper Hugo Sobte who is an excellent shot stopper with superb distribution and Denzel Bonilla Hurtado. The latter who has been absent recently came on with circa 25 mins left, won a penalty after he'd made a good run into the box and provided a peach of a cross that took out the whole defence for a simple back post nod in from Dunbar who thus notched his 6th goal in 8 days. Horley pulled one back but with a nice strike on the edge of the box but weren't really too threatening overall.
  13. I think there has been a marked improvement in the standard of refereeing this season. The average age of the refs seems to have dropped significantly too. Whether those 2 observations are cause and effect I wouldn't like to say.
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