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  1. 12-June 11 - Happy Birthday Chopper :)

  2. 12-June 10 - Happy Birthday Chopper :)

  3. haha cheers fellas. all the best to you guys this season.
  4. is 36 new players not enough?? haha all the best chaps.
  5. Originally Posted By: The Invisible Man No doubt you were lured by the climate, the scenery, the nightlife, the fashion, the beautiful people, the women........... Oh yes and don't forget a free horse ride anytime i want from the locals.
  6. Hats of to Stuart for pulling out that signing. Mitch is a good player and iam sure the Town faithful will take a liking to his football. well done stuart.
  7. haha I will be following my manager from the manor to sunny Tilbury next season. So i expect some good banter from you guys.
  8. I played with Mitch at Redbridge and is a very good player who would be a massive asset to Town should he arrive. I see John Barnes near the ground the other day,maybe he was going in for a meeting with stuart.
  9. HAHA, When we play you i will expect some very good banter chaps.
  10. Billy will do a great job over there. All the best Bill i will pop over those phone numbers tonight mate.
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