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  1. haha cheers fellas. all the best to you guys this season.
  2. is 36 new players not enough?? haha all the best chaps.
  3. Originally Posted By: The Invisible Man No doubt you were lured by the climate, the scenery, the nightlife, the fashion, the beautiful people, the women........... Oh yes and don't forget a free horse ride anytime i want from the locals.
  4. Hats of to Stuart for pulling out that signing. Mitch is a good player and iam sure the Town faithful will take a liking to his football. well done stuart.
  5. haha I will be following my manager from the manor to sunny Tilbury next season. So i expect some good banter from you guys.
  6. I played with Mitch at Redbridge and is a very good player who would be a massive asset to Town should he arrive. I see John Barnes near the ground the other day,maybe he was going in for a meeting with stuart.
  7. HAHA, When we play you i will expect some very good banter chaps.
  8. Billy will do a great job over there. All the best Bill i will pop over those phone numbers tonight mate.
  9. Fair play to Big D, I am sure he will still score a few goals, as he has some quality players around him who will provide for him.
  10. Nice little ground Clacton, nice pitch. So what Teams have left the esl this season? concord Beaumont Is that it?
  11. On Enfield forum it says that they are in Group C??? This was posted today, so not sure where they got the info from?? Barking Enfield Hullbridge Sports Southend Manor
  12. Simon King - Witham To The Terraces at Hornchuch standing next to Treeboy! cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooock
  13. haha, i know who it is. And trust me he aint in it for the money as there is none!!
  14. Fair play Talede. Does this mean you are back at Bowers?
  15. Thats right Ronin he has. Louis managed to oust Ashley Harrison the other year.
  16. Originally Posted By: ronin Richard McKinney - Wivenhoe to Great Wakering Rovers Is Louis Green still at Great Wakering?
  17. Steve Butterworth Redbridge Dartford Dave Collins Redbridge - Newport County Lele Bajada - Avely to Redbridge Carl Bruce - Ilford - Redbridge Jay Devereux New Manager Redbridge Dan Trenkel Concord - Canvey
  18. Originally Posted By: Lightweight I don't know the main man that well but what I have seen is his love and passion for Eton Manor so I think this thread is a load of old C0ck!! Well Said. Reg would never leave the Manor.
  19. Hi Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooock
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