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    och... i like neeps and tatties, kilts, deep fried mars bars, buckie, tennents super and IRN-BRU!!!!
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    East Fife, Broxbourne Borough, Enfield 1893, Hearts & Scotland
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    Raith Rovers, Cheshunt, Barnet, Hibs & Faroe Islands
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    Billy Bremner
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    Fitba', Shinty & Curling
  1. 11-July 11 - Happy Birthday Methil Mickey :)

  2. 11-July 10 - Happy Birthday Methil Mickey :)

  3. Ach it dinnae matter whae ye vote for thair all bleedin sweaties anyways
  4. Ach I dinnae ken there's nae better than Rod Stewart and if I'm nae mistaken he was seventies pal.
  5. Aye it's a good un MBrunoB. Meself I've got to say Gregory's Girl wi'. that bonny wee lassie Claire Grogan.
  6. Aye it's nay good when a boozer goes doon the plughole mines a pint o' heavy by the way Big JR.
  7. As the gentleman syd lexic posted earlier Nicky Marsh has been an important cog in the Broxbourne machine for 2008/09 and I would be personally overjoyed if he was to be voted in to the league's best eleven. There have been several esteemed contributors on the field this season and anyone who misses out should not feel too aggrieved.
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