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  1. Happy Birthday Barry Proudfoot!

  2. Getting relegated from Ryman prem to div1n is nowhere near as bad as conf Sth to ryman Pern. A winning team will always attract more through the gate, whatever level you play at, especially in lower non league
  3. Whatever the facts are, coming out with pointless stats in the local rag is embarrassing. Scott has been our best defender this season, and is still only 20 years old. It's a real shame he's gone. Hopefully he will be back
  4. The club haven't said what he's done exactly though, just that he's breached a rule or discipline. I'm not sure how that is knowing the full facts!!?
  5. I think personally it's time the club went in a different direction with regards to managemebf of the club. sorry to say it, but I can't see what progress we have made since the end of last season. time to freshen things up, and that's nothing personal and is only my own opinion.
  6. Scotty wasn't suspended. Looks as if he could've played his last game for the club. Sorry state of affairs, leaving your best defender out the squad, then playing your best striker at centre half.
  7. Thanks for telling us when we can play our County cup semi final. personally Id prefer it if the isthmian league had less teams, why on earth did they make it a 24 team league 2/3 years ago!!? County cups have always been quite prestigious competitions where I come from, and should remain so.
  8. easy to move you guys on when the previous bloke in charge was a dinosaur. Good luck for the rest of the season
  9. some great celebrations at the end of the game. Where was the trophy though? I couldn't see one
  10. Not only a great performance, but also a great result. more of the same tonight please.
  11. I don't want to be the prophet of doom or anything, but I cant see Saturday going ahead
  12. I suppose if I had to choose Id pick conf south football, however not if it isn't financially sustainable for us.
  13. Does anyone remember the old days of Ryman Prem before the conference south? now that was proper football. no hefty financial burdens due to travelling, decent crowds, proper grounds, and not having to travel across country for an away game. I remember Bruce Grobbelaar turning out for Chesham one Tuesday evening, we won 3-0 infront of over 700 A week later we played Stortford and had nearly 650 inside new lodge, not bad for a Tuesday night eh? In my opinion the formation of the conf north and south has taken non league football (and many clubs within it) backwards instead of fo
  14. yesterdays pitch inspection 2.30pm todays pitch inspection 4pm yet another example of inconsistent officiating
  15. should read game now being called off on Wednesday...again
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