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  1. Wattsy

    Transfer Deadline Day!!!!

    We've already purchased half of France, just hoping we can strike a better deal for Ivory Coast striker Wilfred Bony! I fear if we don't add a striker today, then the writings on the wall for Cisse to get crocked and we'll be screwed!!
  2. Wattsy

    SAT 19th Games off

    Sense needs to be used here! They should do inspections tomorrow and give a firm yes or no, likely to be no!
  3. Wattsy

    More Good News For CB Hounslow United

    Relegation's always puzzled me from CCL1, people only normally drop down if they're struggling with costs or players! I don't ever remember a club since Div 1 started that actually got booted for finishing in the relegation's spots. Providing CBH can keep up with finances and are not mega adrift at the bottom, then they'll stay in the league, I'm sure of it! Congrats though CBH, some hard working people there as mentioned already
  4. Wattsy

    Sat 12th Jan

    Might pop along to this one and catch up with some familiar faces!
  5. Wattsy

    Eversley's pitch vandalised

    'Another CCL club'? Are you allowed to say who these selfless morons are? I hope you'll never let them near the place again!!
  6. Wattsy

    Where Are They Now ?

    Like yourself
  7. Wattsy

    Sat 29th December

    Let's hope, it's meant to batter down this lunch time in the London/Surrey area, but as far as the next two weeks go, hopefully it won't but you can never tell as they only predict accurately for the next four days. I'm hoping to catch some CCL soon, so will be hoping it stays dry
  8. Wattsy

    Wibbandune Closed Down!

    Sad news Chris, I'm sure everyone in CCL and local leagues will rally to help you! I hope everything gets sorted soon, nice place that and fond memories of playing against Colliers Woods since junior football, lovely club!
  9. Wattsy

    Saturday 15th December games

    You'll be okay! Drains very well there and a nice place to play ball!
  10. Wattsy

    SATURDAY 24th scores and results

    Took the words out of my mouth
  11. Wattsy

    SATURDAY 24th scores and results

    I'd make plans for tomorrow Odgie. It's a useless pitch and I think they had a game called off against Mole Valley the other week when there was no rain in about 10 days, obviously where the drainage is a failure!
  12. Wattsy

    Past Champions

    I believe they did, in the Surrey Senior Cup right?
  13. Wattsy

    SATURDAY 24th scores and results

    Long way to go to see QPR get their first win?
  14. Wattsy

    SATURDAY 24th scores and results

    Always plenty of grass on it, but normally as heavy as one of Rick Wallers turds!!
  15. Wattsy

    Past Champions

    Yep, the O'Sullivans were brothers I believe, the best was the skipper who was a brute of a centre half!! Think the Robinson was Andre Robinson the attacking midfield/Striker, technically brilliant! They are bloody physical and battered teams at times, loved a goal celebration too! I remember Jurgs when I was at Cobham, he came in with Mepham, must've been 2001/2002ish after we won the league cup against Bedfont 3-2. Remember him turning up in his Virginia Waters jumper all the time at training