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  1. Sorry can't be there - hoping for a 1-1 draw/replay - Att 501
  2. bridgefan

    Disgraceful Harrow

    Agree - we did ok and deserved to win - from what I saw/heard, the most galling thing with the lack of sportsmanship was that it was the ref that asked Callum to throw it out and the 9 knew what he was doing thought about it and still did it - disgraceful, dishonourable, indefensible and morally wrong. (I think the ref booked 2 in the aftermath - I think Alex & their 7 - but could be wrong). Glad that we progress and they go out.
  3. For a change, 1-1 Att 234
  4. Hx to win 2-1 Att 141
  5. bridgefan


    Ming also serves a decent cup of tea at his Tea Shop in the middle of Hornchurch town centre
  6. 3-1 Att 249 - unfortunately I can't be there tonight - have a great party
  7. bridgefan


    Brilliant goal by Brad and another clean sheet. Had a quick scan through non-league/National leagues (12 leagues) and I can only see 2 teams (Havant & Rushden) with a better goals conceded per game ratio. Magnificent defence all season. Congrats to all at the club