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  1. Thanks Rob - watching it now
  2. Thanks Rob - can't remember when but there was a game at the bridge against Hastings where we staged a very late comeback
  3. Thanks Rob - particularly enjoyed Martin's final goal
  4. Hi Rob - when I click it, it comes up 'Video Unavailable - This video is private'
  5. Yes, brilliant memories - an inspired subsitution and fantastic celebrations Thanks Rob
  6. Weymouth v AFC Hornchurch Weymouth: Knowles, Mawer, Doe, Gaia, Sandwith, Ryan Williams, Robinson, McPhee, Cutler, Malcolm, Beavon. Subs: Barnard, Bygrave, Joseph-Dubois, Webb, Frampton, Reiffer, Coutts. AFC Hornchurch: Brightly, Barnard, Brown, Purdie, Goodfellow, Tomlinson, Frankie Curley, Janney, Kris Lee, Green, Styles. Subs: Parker, Coyne, Sylvester, McFarlane, Stuart-Evans, Wall, Hodges. Att: 904
  7. Great game with some really good goals - thanks
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