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  1. A photo with The Invisible Man?
  2. Love the irony of it - the humour in our matchday songs and banter are one of the things that make going to the Bridge an entertaining experience
  3. The football equivalent of climbing Everest Similar to a League 1 team winning the FA Cup Like a boy swimming faster than a shark As likely as Piers Morgan saying something uncontroversial Akin to finding treasure on Oak Island ,,,,, But it really happened!!!!!!!! I was there and I've rewatched it and it did really happen My ghast is truly flabbered Well done and congratulations to the players, Stimmo, rest of the management and back room staff (special mention for Little Tel), Alex, Colin, other staff, volunteers, Jordan, Supporters Association, the
  4. One for me pleaseYjanls Thanks - can you confirm please what name you want on the subscription list?
  5. 1 - Very Excited and Nervous 2 - I'll be there - having a drink in St Johns Wood 3 - Right first, left is a bit of a struggle 4 - Yes, Johnny Weissmuller v. Baby Shark 5 - No, gotta have something to pacify the butterflies in the stomach 6 - Aiming for the second half 7 - Unbelievable Jeff 8 - May have been a baby pigeon or just very far away 9 - Shark 10 - ... I could ask a lot of crazy questions Or I could ask what I really want to know...' Urchins, Urchins, Urchins
  6. Were the 2 people selling Hornchurch Merch in Hornchurch Town Centre today legit? (I think I heard one of them shout 'Irons')
  7. Just hope that I can get a ticket
  8. and Hebburn had a Spence in their team
  9. Harrogate Town have just won the 2019-20 FA Trophy, congrats to them - they beat Darlington and Notts County on their way to the final and have a player named Muldoon - Omen?
  10. Thanks Jago - but surely we are the only Havering Team to do this 😉
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