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  1. 2-0 win 🏆 att 500 they only come to see the ornchurch 👀
  2. To get the ball rolling I believe the SLOBS have sponsored Essex boys and the mighty urchin
  3. Tricky game today so if not a draw I will go a 2-1 win Att 426 COYU
  4. Going for a 3-1 win att 465 come on you urchins the best non league team in the country 🏆🏆🏆
  5. Did southend not know we are the best non league team in the country not great wakering. Perhaps they needed to win a game Hope daggers show more respect
  6. What ever makes you feel comfortable O. I think unless the club have different rules.
  7. Will they be on sale before the end of the season
  8. The slobs confirm they will sponsor Ellis
  9. 1 for me please Reg Scott. Thank you 😊 Thanks - added to list.
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