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  1. littleurchin

    Predictions Folkstone v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 12th Jan

    win win win 2--1 att 220
  2. littleurchin

    Predictions Hx v Brightlingsea Bostik Prem Sat 22nd Dec

    2-0 win att 258 happy urchinmas everyone 🎅
  3. littleurchin

    Player update please

    where are the new players all injured not a good start,3 subs on the bench tuesday if you only use 1 make it the right one.
  4. littleurchin

    Quiz night 7th Dec

    the slobs will be there
  5. littleurchin

    Thanks for everything Jim

    thanks Jimmy for all you have done for our team .jimmy macs red and white army
  6. littleurchin

    Predictions Hx v Worthing Bostik Prem Sat 17th Nov

    positive 2-1win att 289
  7. littleurchin

    Predictions Hx v Merstham Bostik Prem 30th Oct

    tuesday night at the bridge anything can happen 2-0 win att 145
  8. not being picky but i am sure we are 7th si
  9. littleurchin

    Weymouth away - FA Cup

    billy coyne against Dartford
  10. 2-1 win att 263 lets get the cup run going
  11. littleurchin

    Non Hornchurch football thread

    to be fair he has put so much into the ground new stands and pitch and club house ect. so we will see what happens next he changes his mind a lot could be back next week?
  12. littleurchin

    Predictions Hx v Carshalton Bostik Prem Sat 1st Sept

    would like a 2-0 win att 234
  13. littleurchin

    Prediction for the season

    i am with you dave top 4 or above COYU
  14. littleurchin

    season ticket

    will they be on sale saturday,or not this season
  15. littleurchin

    Predictions Hx v Leatherhead Ryman Prem Sat 11th Aug

    2-1 win att 269 coyu
  16. littleurchin

    season ticket

    will pick mine up saturday if thats ok
  17. littleurchin

    SPONSOR A PLAYER 2018-19

    The Slobs will sponser Tobi Coker if still available
  18. littleurchin

    AFCHSA AGM - Thursday 10th May

    couldnt find my filo fax sorry i missed it
  19. littleurchin

    New Kit

    i want one when are they on sale
  20. littleurchin

    Peter Butcher

    will be missed RIP Pete
  21. littleurchin

    Season Highlights

    pre season VCD shorts t shirts and flip flops 3 o clock the whistle blew and the rain and wind came.