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  1. seem to struggle against the lower teams brightingsea ,casuals.so lets hope we have put our demons to rest going 3-0 win att 146 C O Y U
  2. Played today looked good like like
  3. 3-0win att 310 or could we bag another half dozen C O Y U
  4. 3--0 win att 271 up the cup, who as got the tin foil trophy. C-O-Y-U
  5. well we all got it wrong last week so going for a 3-1 win att 285 C O Y U 😀
  6. He,s one of our own .Slobs confirm Thanks - Yes, he is one of our own.
  7. i think the Slobs will sponsor the very popular ESSEX BOYS
  8. 4 more for the bus please thats Bill ,pete ,dennis and reg thank you
  9. are we going back to red &white shirts or staying all red next season then i can choose what scarf to have
  10. i think we can win this one but will take a draw att 445.they only come to see the ornchurch
  11. wont be there saturday to see your pain.good luck to all taking part
  12. great game from back to front looking better and better .more competitive and winning a lot more second ball .with displays like this we will soon move up the league come on you urchins
  13. are we afc hornchurch or fhurrock in disguise.these are not prem players but would be good in bostick north.
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