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  1. to be fair he has put so much into the ground new stands and pitch and club house ect. so we will see what happens next he changes his mind a lot could be back next week?
  2. i am with you dave top 4 or above COYU
  3. will pick mine up saturday if thats ok
  4. will they be on sale saturday,or not this season
  5. The Slobs will sponser Tobi Coker if still available
  6. couldnt find my filo fax sorry i missed it
  7. i want one when are they on sale
  8. pre season VCD shorts t shirts and flip flops 3 o clock the whistle blew and the rain and wind came.
  9. will have to wait till saturday to get the 3 points
  10. wishing you speedy recovery, jimmy macs red and white army
  11. good someone new to sit on the bench sorry should be more positive COYU!!!
  12. If we are going to play bang it ballb 1-0 .if we play football like the start of the season 4-0 att123 urchin fans 1 witham fan and 6 flags
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