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  1. pre season VCD shorts t shirts and flip flops 3 o clock the whistle blew and the rain and wind came.
  2. will have to wait till saturday to get the 3 points
  3. wishing you speedy recovery, jimmy macs red and white army
  4. good someone new to sit on the bench sorry should be more positive COYU!!!
  5. If we are going to play bang it ballb 1-0 .if we play football like the start of the season 4-0 att123 urchin fans 1 witham fan and 6 flags
  6. reg bill and pete also would like a seat coyu
  7. big thank you to the salads and jordan and H A b CC GREAT DAY
  8. looks like a trip to thurrock no new ground
  9. lets go for another clean sheet today with a 2-0 win att 407 coyu
  10. has VCD got a bar if not where shall we go for pre match drinks ?
  11. things could get sticky in this league
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