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  1. not around for that one still away good luck lads
  2. i will be there but petes in spain still leaves 3
  3. like the drum thats not harry is it
  4. congratulations to you both.Well done Alice
  5. whyteleafe best burger and egg and bacon sandwhich V F M
  6. should be able to put together a team of slobs
  7. put me down for that one a night of booze and darts what could go wrong
  8. 2-1 to the chins why did you put a 3 in rob
  9. no more then we deserve well done to all
  10. that could keep me busy for hours vive le france
  11. well done ricky lets hope you have turned the corner would hate to see you leave good result
  12. have you any voice left BB great result look forward to tuesday
  13. buzz myself and pete will play on thursday just got some new darts
  14. well done cantos i bet you never see that one coming
  15. as long as you dont run out of beer sounds like you need a good drink.Flack scored again yesterday
  16. johno was a big miss today after a great start roll on hastings
  17. things look so much better in red and white
  18. we would like to enter our team THE SLOBS
  19. only see one result caravaners 2 gate 0
  20. 2-2 att 790 after sat we need something poss
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