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  1. Presumably admission is free for u/16's as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult?
  2. Fantastic achievement Hayden.........your work on the programme is much appreciated!
  3. No reward, then what is 124 goals scored, 96 points achieved and a 2nd place finish in our inaugural season?! Our home league crowds average 244 so I think for this level of football that is a reasonable achievement....
  4. Thanks to Michael and Paul for the super video and photos of a splendid evening and of course to the Founding Director, management and players for making this first season very entertaining! I know the youngsters who attended the matches thoroughly enjoyed the matches and the loads of goals....
  5. Thanks Smudge, hope to see you at The Arena next season......and I will be asking for those directions again!
  6. Fair questions groundhopperesq, but I think Hayden has covered it, to still be 'challenging' at this stage of the season and having scored over 100 goals has to be an achievement. The crowds are very healthy for this level of football and the links with local youth football are improving all the time. Playing devils advocate here...maybe Guildford's budget is higher than ours?
  7. I remember that game (I think), didn't we win 5-1 and Denis was playing for the opposition?
  8. Yes WR.....sorry, it has gone a bit quiet on here lately, not sure why? HP9, try hitting the 1st team fixtures page then access the report from there. Think there is a problem with the link from the top page.
  9. And if you choose to report back, can I ask that you do it directly to a member of the committee please instead of posting 'grumbles' on an open forum where people can very likely get the wrong impression of what we are about..... Thanks, Paul G
  10. Evening Rother, If there is negativity towards Windsor within the u/13 age group I am certainly unaware of it so could somebody please contact me and list the complaints. All the u/13 coaches know who I am and have my contact details (I have written to the coaches re a number of matters on several occasions). Regarding the age group days, we have set up two so far under 9's and under 7's. Under 8's are due this week and hopefully the under 10's to follow. This ideas is relatively new and we can only schedule the dates when the age groups are available. There are many other initiative
  11. Not sure it helps but we have made the decision to postpone the Windsor Youth training at Stag Meadow Saturday because of the current rock hard state of the training pitch and the probable weather issues. I was at the ground yesterday and the main pitch was rock solid as expected but Ian was working on it so who knows.........perhaps a miracle may happen?
  12. Well Hayden, you certainly have eaten a lot of pies in your time!! See you Saturday....
  13. Egham are a good side and will continue to challenge at the top. We were very good on Tuesday helped by the players obvious abilities and the excellent playing surface. However, my main concern is how we will play on the pitches that are not as good (in fact more like quagmires) because of the weather.......it seems to me we will have to change our style a lot especially during the next 2 games at Dorking and Mole Valley who have both already beaten us this season?!
  14. WR - if you wish to start up a thread about the HMRC then fine but can we please keep this thread about the RPV match and the positives that came out of that day. I am happy to discuss your views but not at this time with so many games on for us and STFC. Finally, most of us, if not all want Slough Town to do well this season because it is good for local football generally. I also happen to know a large number of Slough fans who wish us well and a smaller number that regularly attend Windsor matches.
  15. I am working on it with the Windsor Youth FC management and hope there will be an increased attendance during the rest of the season but time will tell............
  16. To get this back on thread.......thanks to all at the club for making the RPV match day wonderful. I know the Windsor Youth players and coaches thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was also interesting to see Keith and players signing autographs afterwards...has to be the first time I have seen the Colonel smile in weeks!
  17. Paul G


    Ha ha, I shall do tomorrow........
  18. Paul G


    "Anyone know who got the horse's head on Saturday and why?" Hayden, what's all this about?
  19. When Robert has come off the bench on the (I think) three occasions I have seen him he has done well and scored once.
  20. Paul G


    Ha ha, well hopefully he will help us get promoted and then we can join you Slough boys in Div One..........unless you get promoted as well (top of the league at xmas got to be a good sign)?!
  21. Paul G


    I wonder what this early prezzie could be.......Jim smiling for the first time since 1976? Or could it be the Colonel wearing a Father Christmas outfit for the South Park game......maybe even Mal giving up cheeseburgers! Or is there another surprise in other words a 'new' player joining the ever improving squad?
  22. Just a quick request, and before I head off to Farnham, does anyone know the state of the Farnham pitch........it's just that with the recent heavy downpour is there any risk of the game being postponed?
  23. Regarding pitches, Wembley is very good as is Sandhurst. To be fair, most pitches in the CCL are prefectly reasonable. Interesting stats earlier about the leading teams but to be honest, Windsor are NOT the finished article yet and the favourites have to be Guildford, Egham and HV who have experience of the CCL. Windsor will challenge but at this stage, lets leave it at that.........
  24. Have a car load going and hope to see the usual crowd there...........
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