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  1. This has been completed and all systems appear to be working. Further checks will be carried out, but things are looking good. ------------------------------ Over the next 24 hours or so we will be moving to a new server. As a result we may might lose the odd post if you happen to post after the data has been moved. I do not really want to close the groups for a period of time, so apologies in advance if this happens. Maybe keep a copy of any important post made until the site has moved.
  2. @Jago this has now been sorted. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Just need to pay $150 for 6 months I guess you are all worth it ??
  4. I will need to run an update. I will probably run it later today after i have backed up the site. The site will be down whilst I do.
  5. Thanks! I will try and find a solution. Not sure when this failed. But I will get it back ASAP.
  6. When I was with Canvey they made it to the final up at Aston Villa. After they won I was the only photographer who went back to Park Lane for the celebrations. I remember the day well. Mind you I hired a stretch limo to go north in style! I really hope you all have a fantastic day / might. One day I will return and invest in the club - I guarantee that!
  7. Hi, The software was updated this week. You may discover a few new features and a slightly modified layout. In order to edit or hide your posts click on the three dots of any post - top right. Most other items will work exactly as before. Any issues, please let me know.
  8. It was updated yesterday - there ought to be a new version available. Now open to all in England & Wales
  9. Just got a message from Nominet to say that AFCHornchurch.co.uk is about to vanish. I can renew it and transfer it to any provider (IPSTAG) so that the club or another has control. If I leave it, I guess some spammer site will grab it and divert it to porn. Let me know or PM me. Hope you are all well!
  10. What issue are you having? The software is up to date. Feel free to PM me, if easier.
  11. Not so much RIP - but a new birth after 19 years!!! I could have closed this quite easily - but I have now invested in the site and it will continue to 20 years and beyond. There have been several issues of late with access - so hopefully they will now be sorted. We will also be launching a clubs feature - which is built in - so lots to come - I just have to learn half of it myself
  12. DW not Dorking. Please keep this topic away from any information that is not factual. Saves me from getting letters from solicitors.
  13. You acknowledge that she correctly served her time in prison and is therefore someone with a criminal history and as a result limited in what she can do in the future or where she can go?
  14. Actually Rhodes she wasn't wrongly imprisoned as I believe she never appealed against one of her guilty verdicts and the resulting prison stay. To my knowledge she is therefore still a convicted criminal although having served her time. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  15. No mentioning of sheep shaggers if Wales win/loose!
  16. As far as I know she spent a period of time in prison for a crime that she did not appeal against. Therefore she is a criminal and has a criminal conviction. She may well have served her time for that crime.
  17. Will she though? She was convicted of a different crime and got 4 years for that. She did not appeal that sentence from my understanding. She has not walked away innocent. Might be wrong, but do not believe I am.
  18. No - I am fed up with keep reading I bet loosely will say this, or loosely will say that. You can make a perfectly valid contribution without making every post about him. Simples!
  19. Why does every topic reply have to be related to Loose? give it a break, please!
  20. I hope you are right. The pound is currently up over a cent against the USD, so maybe the markets are thinking the same. Only time will tell.. I see Andy Murray has said he is for independence. Not gone down too well amongst some of his fans.
  21. What exports? We import far more - cost of many items will increase - food, oil, transport, cars, white goods the list goes on. Petrol prices have already increased this week, thank to the Scottish due to the weakened pound. This will only go up further. Expect 4 to 5p per litre if the pound goes down by 10%. Inflation will then rise Many of our exports are only 'built' or 'made' here. Many of the components are imported.
  22. Indeed - then we will see many move south of the border. The only decision I need to make is do I transfer money into my EU / USA bank accounts in case of a fall in the pound by 10%+ in the event of a yes vote!! If it is a no vote the pound will probably go up, but not by 10%
  23. Most of today's FA Cup results now online here at http://www.nonleague.co.uk/leagues/england/cups/fa-cup/2014.php#firstq
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