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  1. When I was with Canvey they made it to the final up at Aston Villa. After they won I was the only photographer who went back to Park Lane for the celebrations. I remember the day well. Mind you I hired a stretch limo to go north in style! I really hope you all have a fantastic day / might. One day I will return and invest in the club - I guarantee that!
  2. Hi, The software was updated this week. You may discover a few new features and a slightly modified layout. In order to edit or hide your posts click on the three dots of any post - top right. Most other items will work exactly as before. Any issues, please let me know.
  3. It was updated yesterday - there ought to be a new version available. Now open to all in England & Wales
  4. Just got a message from Nominet to say that AFCHornchurch.co.uk is about to vanish. I can renew it and transfer it to any provider (IPSTAG) so that the club or another has control. If I leave it, I guess some spammer site will grab it and divert it to porn. Let me know or PM me. Hope you are all well!
  5. What issue are you having? The software is up to date. Feel free to PM me, if easier.
  6. Very odd. Nothing has changed in the last 3 months or so. Certainly pre Christmas. I will however have a look, but it will not be today as I have to visit one of my development sites in Devon.
  7. About time I sponsored this again. Yours truly presenting the trophy to Hornchurch on 27th March 2007
  8. Would love to know how much sponsorship is of the league. Might consider it for the future.
  9. My condolences to Ken and the family at this sad time. I have fond memories of Tina. RIP
  10. Apologies. The certificate expired last night and the server did not give me any warning. All sorted now.
  11. I now know what is causing the issue - just need to fix it!
  12. @Jago has been restored - or his account has. Please carry on
  13. I will look into this and let you know I have recreated it.
  14. Videos are now back - https://www.fansfocus.com/videos/ Why not add your videos - any topic! Just add the link to youtube or facebook videos or you can upload videos directly to the site. If uploading, these need to be .mpv, .flv, .mov, .m4v format.
  15. Alongside the 'start new topic' button which is new in itself, you can now view the forums in one of three ways. Traditional method Grid formation Fluid layout with the forums of your choice showing - if you do not filter, then all the forums will show with the latest posts that have updates at the top. Hope you enjoy!!
  16. Sorted Recently browsing added to the forum and topic views.
  17. I've added in all the various options for posts / replies on larger displays. This includes fonts. Not sure on the reading of posts - this is quite database intensive and might not be part of the core software. I'll check.
  18. If you have created a new account either by mistake or otherwise and would like them merged. Please message me and I can merge them for you. I'll have to be sure that you are the same person - so would need to know the email address etc., of the original account. If I can help, let me know.
  19. My pleasure! BTW - The icon will be a star if you have contributed to the topic.
  20. If you click on the topic from the sidebar, or from the index page (as opposed to being in the forum) you are taken to the unread posts. I'll see what I can do. No promises as by altering code directly this gets overwritten with any new version.
  21. Hi, The default in the software has always been to click on the icon to the side of the post. I will see if I can re-add the clicking of the title - but this might be a bit harder now.
  22. Hi So we have upgraded. Why? Quite simply the old software was out of date - it was released back in 2013(!!) and after 5 years needed to be replaced. It was insecure and lacked many of the features that we are used to. We now operate on an https:// domain - which means it is secure. The old software was also vulnerable to attack. This is more secure in that regard as well. So it was a choice between closing it down or investing the money and upgrading! I opted for the second choice. After being live for 19 years I could not easily kill it off. Many items will look new and a
  23. Not so much RIP - but a new birth after 19 years!!! I could have closed this quite easily - but I have now invested in the site and it will continue to 20 years and beyond. There have been several issues of late with access - so hopefully they will now be sorted. We will also be launching a clubs feature - which is built in - so lots to come - I just have to learn half of it myself
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