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  1. Thanks. The Combined Counties site is still showing the game as a 11:30 kick off, so you may have an early rush
  2. I wondered if anyone could help please? South Park Reserves are playing at home to Balham on Saturday 19th November. I have seen two kick-off times published - 11:30 (Combined Counties website) and 15:00 (FA Full Time). Can anyone confirm which it is? There is nothing about the fixture at all on the South Park website, and the Balham website doesn't show kick-off times. Much appreciated!
  3. ...6 August! That's early! http://www.thefa.com/news/thefa/2016/may/fa-fixture-calendar-2016-17
  4. When I first read that I thought it said that the cheeseburgers were bigger than other grounds....
  5. Chertsey were £8 last season at Step 4, dropped it to £7 for this season.
  6. Chertsey Town 1, Milton United 1 Replay Tuesday night at Milton
  7. Nice one Smudge; pretty impressive runs from those 3 clubs, great if another CCL club could do that again....
  8. Last season, only 3 teams made it all the way from the FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round to the 4th Round Qualifying (one short of the First Round Proper). Can you name them?
  9. Westfield 2, CB Hounslow 2
  10. Smudge - for Westfield, can you park at Woking Leisure Centre and get in to the ground from there?
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