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  1. ...6 August! That's early! http://www.thefa.com/news/thefa/2016/may/fa-fixture-calendar-2016-17
  2. When I first read that I thought it said that the cheeseburgers were bigger than other grounds....
  3. Chertsey were £8 last season at Step 4, dropped it to £7 for this season.
  4. Chertsey Town 1, Milton United 1 Replay Tuesday night at Milton
  5. Nice one Smudge; pretty impressive runs from those 3 clubs, great if another CCL club could do that again....
  6. Last season, only 3 teams made it all the way from the FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round to the 4th Round Qualifying (one short of the First Round Proper). Can you name them?
  7. Westfield 2, CB Hounslow 2
  8. Smudge - for Westfield, can you park at Woking Leisure Centre and get in to the ground from there?
  9. Good result for Chertsey, nice to have kept a clean sheet at last, although I must say Fleet Town looked pretty woeful up front. It's been a good weekend, 6 points from 2 games and up to 11th in the table. The only bad news today was that young Andy Crossley - who has played all games this season and has been doing well in central midfield - broke a bone in his left foot and could be out for up to 12 weeks... :-(
  10. chertsey sub sent off for giving a hand gesture. to cambo defender. good call, by an excellent ref. Chertsey sub sent off? Assumed it must be a Cambo player, as the guy screaming obscenities at the ref for the red appeared to me to be a Camberley fan! It was Lee Weemes of Chertsey who was sent off after the final whistle.
  11. Chertsey 2 Sandhurst 1. Scrappy game with Chertsey grabbing a late winner when a draw looked most likely.10 wins on the trot now for the Curfews.
  12. OLLERS (TREACHER ?), PROBABLY THE BEST PITCH IN THE CCL WHICH FADES AWAY TO THE FAR CORNER. DEPENDS HOW MUCH RAIN WENBLEY HAS HAD OR HOW MUCH THEY DO NOT WANT TO RUIN THEIR PITCH AND IF HENDON HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT ? Just spoke to someone at the ground, and their pitch is fine. No pitch inspection planned. He said the game is on "unless there is a torrential downpour", which is not forecast....
  13. Anyone know what the chances of Wembley v Chertsey being on? How does Vale Farm hold up in the rain?
  14. Good luck Guildford, I'm sure the whole of the CCL will be rooting for you; I'll be up in Newcastle, but will be looking out for the result...
  15. What's the difference between Spurs and a tea bag? A tea bag stays in the cup longer.
  16. I really wish NICE GUY would give it a rest - his constant moaning and complaining about Chertsey Town is getting really boring now. NICE GUY - please take a look at the player movements within the CCL and you will see that Chertsey sign as many (or should I say as few) as any other team in the league, including loan players. I'm not sure what you have against them? Please don't keep knocking a club who are trying to improve their status, in the same way that many clubs in the CCL are. You obviously have a bee in your bonnet about something to do with that club.... And please turn your CAPS LOCK off - you give the impression that you are shouting at everyone!
  17. Good luck to all CCL teams, it would be fantastic for the league if some of our clubs made it into the later National Rounds and attract some big attendances. I've been looking forward to the Chertsey game for sometime, especially after last season's good run. Also interesting to see two CCL clubs at home to Isle of Wight oppostion - I bet neither would relish a replay!
  18. Moneyfields are based in Portsmouth and play in the Wessex Premier (Step 5, same level as CCL Prem). They have a reasonable FA Vase history, and also had an impressive home win against Greenwich Borough in the last round....will provide a tough test for Chertsey...
  19. Absolute disgrace - as the ground is so close to terraced housing down Alwyns Lane, I'd be surprised if noone heard or saw anything....
  20. My last 49 on Holland/Slovakia DRAW please
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