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  1. Ha don't know the guys, son knows a few of the players that have left since this happened and it's wrong the way the chairman there has gone about this. Hope it goes well for them.
  2. Trevor Norris who was at Badshot Lea before the current guys who have turned them round. His son Jamie plays in goal for them.
  3. All a bit wrong what happened at Egham and looks like Ginge was stabbed in the back. Shame as he has been there for years as a player and thrown into management there and they then ditch him for two guys that aren't exactly impressive. Look at what Badshot Lea have done since the change and Camberley after Koo left.
  4. Think there is also insurance issue I know Wembley and cobham ask you to warm up outside the ground and whether any injuries damage etc is covered by their insurance as not on their site could be an issue?
  5. Some excellent finishes there. Pitch looked in superb condition considering recent weather.
  6. I see Ben Harris has left Windsor to go to Hampton? Big leap but he scored today according to Windsor forum. Be good to see a few other CCL players take that leap as quite a few have the ability to do it I think.
  7. No worries Redders. I would imagine a lot of people that bet on the vase and lower non league have a connection with it. Wouldn't shout about your winnings though night just invite trouble.
  8. We're Lammas in the vase? If so then legally you are not permitted to vote on games in that competition Redders.
  9. Ha don't get defensive JD, he is entitled to his opinion. Personally think you will be champions. Are you able to go up?
  10. Staines first team were playing Brentford in FA Cup surely Staines would have wanted all there players there as part of the day? Seems strange to think about involving them? Poor communication from the players and also Staines Town still to let Lammas down.
  11. Good luck to Sav, never net him but best wishes for daughter and family. Hope all works out well. Thoughts with you.
  12. I imagine Hartley are quite happy with a week off before possibly their biggest ever game.
  13. Maybe you should take the role on smudge as an pretty sure there is more to take into consideration. Take the ground share example, if fixtures are already pretty sorted and say for instance Epsom home to mole valley is arranged for a day that then comes out as a Chipstead home game, Cobham are already at home that day so game can't be switched so you have two teams now without a game hence why league has to wait for higher fixtures before even starting.
  14. I hope you do Neil, enjoyed this season. Performances on a par with the Chuck years but the atmosphere and feel around the club light years better. Can't wait to see this team take on the Premier Division if we get there which you do.
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