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  1. About 50 seconds in when Billy had his goal disallowed. 😡
  2. Our 3rd game in 7 days on heavy pitches while it was their 3rd in 9 days with the previous 2 on their own 3g pitch so I think that might've had a bit to do with it.
  3. Fa Trophy 1st round draw. Enfield Town v Ebbsfleet United 14th December
  4. And has left after 1 game.
  5. I see he has left Cambridge City already.
  6. Home v Maldon & Tiptree or Folkestone Invicta November 23rd.
  7. The so called super Sunday's are just a tv thing bigging up the games they will be selling you to watch and the fixture schedules are a different matter but all this can't have an effect on the way we run our club
  8. Might have something to do with free season ticket there still.
  9. If/when we beat Bishops Stortford it'll be Swindon Supermarine or Thatcham Town at home in the FA Trophy.
  10. We are supporters of the club and players ain't.
  11. How many times does a manger think I'll be the one to change him?
  12. only needed to look at the long list of former clubs to know what to expect.
  13. It is the website of Enfield Town Football Club and not just the first team. It just needs tweaking a bit snd can only be as good as the information provided. Ps I'm not a fan of pitcheroo websites.
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