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  1. Perhaps it's because officially directors are not allowed on an unofficial forum but don't let that stop you.
  2. Yep let others know who is available so that they can put in a higher offer and beat us to the signing seems like an idea worth perusing at it gets trotted out every time.
  3. How many insisting that we took the charity cup more seriously took it serious enough to make the effort to go to the game rather than just bash the keyboard telling others what should be done?
  4. Anyone remember how we were treated the last time we entered this cup?
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Welcome @ETFCOfficial & @EnfieldTownLFC to our family. New full time football and academic programme begins in September 2020. Only 30 Places Available Apply at https://t.co/UeJVaCPNy2 https://t.co/fBkkEoHYJ3
  6. Game could've gone either way and we had some great chances to add goals.
  7. Not exactly the reported premier league.
  8. About 50 seconds in when Billy had his goal disallowed. 😡
  9. Our 3rd game in 7 days on heavy pitches while it was their 3rd in 9 days with the previous 2 on their own 3g pitch so I think that might've had a bit to do with it.
  10. Fa Trophy 1st round draw. Enfield Town v Ebbsfleet United 14th December
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