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  1. I could never be that desperate.
  2. After last pre season where games were off due to dry pitches and the number of games we will have on 4g pitches it's a very good idea to have a game like this.
  3. Wouldn't be the first time a player had been announced and then gone to another club before pulling on the shirt.
  4. Perhaps it was the board and managers master plan to keep us out of the mess. 😉
  5. We vote members on to the board to run the club as it would be impossible to have every member vote on every decisions. If you're not happy with this stand for election and oust them. That's what makes us a fan owned club. P.S. I don't agree with every decision they make.
  6. Call an EGM and put your point across.
  7. Can't even have a day to enjoy the first trophy in 10 years.
  8. I'm far from impressed with him lately and I don't even want to consider it again next season.
  9. EVERY manager will say what their targets are and will exaggerate them. Do you expect any to say they will have a poor season and don't hope to win many games?
  10. Plenty of other options than someone who did that once and will do it again. Wondered why no other club has taken the chance?
  11. As long as only watching our games that's ok.
  12. Some very well taken goals last night with Josh Davidson and Aaron Greene getting one each. George Quarrington-Carter is looking better and fitter as each game goes on and Dan Heald is coming along nicely.
  13. Result tonight. draw at 90 minutes straight to pens.
  14. If you're a member you will receive it all via email.
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