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  1. How many times does a manger think I'll be the one to change him?
  2. only needed to look at the long list of former clubs to know what to expect.
  3. It is the website of Enfield Town Football Club and not just the first team. It just needs tweaking a bit snd can only be as good as the information provided. Ps I'm not a fan of pitcheroo websites.
  4. Played with the wrong Gunners
  5. Perhaps a division lower and less expectations on the manager and team from supporters allowing them to be flexible with his availability to play and train?
  6. Might not make away games.
  7. Yep it's that time. fantasy.premierleague.com tsldz1 - Eague code Good Luck
  8. Now you know you've missed me. 😉 It was said about when the Aveley game was arranged but then it got over taken by the Spurs kids game.
  9. Dorking declined to play as did Tonbridge Angels and we were due to play at Aveley but it was postponed as we played Spurs kids the night after the arranged date.
  10. Safer to keep it as it is with some of the things that get put on here.
  11. There is no official link link to the forum which is why it has the name it does.
  12. Won 1.0. A Ryan Blackman header in the first half.
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