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  1. Yep it's that time. fantasy.premierleague.com tsldz1 - Eague code Good Luck
  2. Now you know you've missed me. 😉 It was said about when the Aveley game was arranged but then it got over taken by the Spurs kids game.
  3. Dorking declined to play as did Tonbridge Angels and we were due to play at Aveley but it was postponed as we played Spurs kids the night after the arranged date.
  4. Safer to keep it as it is with some of the things that get put on here.
  5. There is no official link link to the forum which is why it has the name it does.
  6. Won 1.0. A Ryan Blackman header in the first half.
  7. 4.0 same trialist as 3rd 61 minutes
  8. 3.0 different trialist 55 min
  9. Members meeting - Public Forum?
  10. Just because Marc hasn't got the armband it doesn't mean he doesn't organise at the back.
  11. A quote from our Kit Man Ryan a great captain for this club. represents this club well on and of the pitch and is honoured and proud to be captain of this club and to play for it shame a lot more players ain't like him .
  12. A captain is more than just what happens on the pitch and Ryan does a lot behind the scenes with the squad.
  13. I'll support anyone that gets injured playing for us and then works hard to get back on the training pitch and into the team.
  14. Every team needs that little terrier that scraps away and helps their team regain possession while stopping the opposition playing.
  15. Ryan Blackman is back training.
  16. Get someone to raise this point at July 11th members meeting then.
  17. Now that is a different argument and we are very poor at it. We need input from more sources.
  18. Funny that every year the same people make the same complaints and every year they have the same chance to get involved and try to get on the board and every year they don't leaving it to others.
  19. A real problem when someone has other things to do that get in your way.
  20. I'd prefer everything to be done to league and fa rules to avoid fines and deductions than to please keyboard warriors.
  21. Because they make sure all the paperwork is done properly to avoid deductions later in the season.
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