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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in Old EFC photos   
    How about photos from early ETFC games. I’d like to see them, especially those from the first game against Basildon.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Wildlife rescue in League Statement   
    Why reconsider.
    Surly football matters are totally irrelevant in these very dificult times.
    Season over let's all move on.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Tom S in Hi all non league footy surporters   
    As a diabetic I'm defined as 'vulnerable' even if I don't feel it. Living between Grovelands and Oakwood Parks I have plenty of choice for my exercise. I also have three supermarkets within a 20-minute walk so I can get a bit more exercise visiting them in turn to see if the panic-buyers have left anything I need on the shelves.
    Today is my father's 89th birthday - many you will have met him at games at Bury Town, Lowestoft , Needham Market or Leiston - and for the first time since he and my mother moved to Ipswich we haven't been able to get together to mark the occasion. That's the sort of thing that brings home the situation we're in.
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    MbrunoB reacted to exiled down south in Coronavirus   
    Is it still a over reaction? Guess the government didn’t ask you first 
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    MbrunoB reacted to Father Jack in Coronavirus   
    Four posts deleted from this thread.  Keep it civil please
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    MbrunoB reacted to Barney in Coronavirus   
    I think it's a very emotive subject, and there's an awful lot of additional stress on everyone at the moment - I'd suggest that we all might be well advised to take a step back and think before we post. Ultimately at the end of the day, we are (mainly) all Town fans, and I think all good people despite our many disagreements - now is the time to be supportive of each other, and hopefully this forum can be a source of humour/banter as well as keeping the Town collective in touch with each other.
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    MbrunoB reacted to 55 seasons in Folkestone v Enfield Town   
    Richard Katemons reference to crowds following the great Enfield sides of the 70s and 80s is correct and to my mind we are in a similar position to the old club before Tommy Unwin arrived as chairman. We were a mid table Isthmian side struggling to compete with the high spenders. Yes he had to put his hand into his pocket, but he also recognised the club needed another funding stream and hence built the highly successful Starlight club. A venture on such a scale would be too risky for Town but sadly we are unlikely to sustain National League status on current levels of income. 
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    MbrunoB reacted to Richard Katemon in Folkestone v Enfield Town   
    Even the great Enfield sides of the 70s and 80s only attracted gates of 500 - 600 or so for most league fixtures often less. So the fact that our average  attendance is around the 360 is a reflection of our location. Many other football options exist for Enfield based football supporters. 
    What a difference it would make if we got the type of crowds being enjoyed by Worthing. 

    This has arguably been one if not most successful seasons we have had , consistently in the top 7 or 8 ,  one of our better FA cup runs and our best ever FA Trophy run. So it’s disappointing we haven’t improved on last seasons average which makes me think we may have reached our level  for the time being. I’d very much like to be proved wrong come May  
    Even so it’s no mean achievement to have established ourselves as an Isthmian Premier League club  but to move on we need to grow our club - it can be done but it will not be easy. 
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    MbrunoB reacted to Richard Katemon in Folkestone v Enfield Town   
    Always amuses me that when we have a bad result this message board is full of comments but quiet when we have a decent result. 
    Anyway my view is that promotion would be a step to far for us at the moment. We need to grow our club and develop additional sources of income. The Academy for next season is a big step in the right direction but I do think we need a bigger fan base than 400 to compete at the next level. 
    Some fans - on here at least - seem dissatisfied with being in the top half - I dread to think how they would feel if we do go up and find ourselves in a relegation battle. 
    Anyway I’m looking forward to the visit of the League leaders next Saturday. Should be a good test and hopefully we will get a good crowd. Maybe prove me wrong. 
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    MbrunoB reacted to Father Jack in ETFC v Lewes   
    Now been announced. On Twitter and Facebook 
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    MbrunoB got a reaction from Barney in ETFC v Lewes   
    Waiting for everything to be completed is the correct way but not the forum way.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Wildlife rescue in He's not the Messiah...   
    How about praising the work Arky and his team do by keeping our club with such a selection of merchandise.
    I have followed the town since there formation and Enfield before and I have never heard a negative remark about our shop.
    Well done Dave Pat Sheila and Cliff.👍👍
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    MbrunoB reacted to Barney in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    Agree completely LS - this is very much a long game, and if that means spending more time where we are getting the various foundations in place (and by that, I don't just mean the first team side of things), then that's fine with me if it means we're better prepared for the long run.
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    MbrunoB reacted to littlehampton in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    Actually, four of our players joined the Urchin's, you are forgetting Remi Sutton, who also played against us on Saturday. You say Hornchurch bought three (or was it four?) of our players. With all this talk about finance, I am sure we would all be very interested to know how much Hornchurch paid us for these players? Also, how much did ETFC pay-out for the other players you say we purchased? Please share your information.
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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown   
    Can’t forget that the next step up would probably mean a new set of ground grading criteria which comes at a cost. Where would that money come from?
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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in Enfield Town v Cray Wanderers   
    We could have been three down before getting our first goal and then the soft penalty. We weren't at the races and continually fed their defenders with high balls. Yes, we got back into the game, but signs were there that we would concede another goal.  
    I stood behind the bench for the duration of the game and all I could here was the coach telling players what to do, and when. Just what do they do at training which warrants a coach having to tell them what to do all the time? Don't they know what they should be doing? 
    As for the substitutions! Baffling! Why take off the only player who could hold up the ball?
    Two steps backwards yesterday.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Barney in Velocity cup vs Brightlingsea   
    I think that's a fair summation: we need to take stock at the end of the season, rather than do anything knee-jerk now - in my eyes Andy has until then to try to make 5th place (or at the very least mount a serious challenge for 5th place). Looking at the table, that's still well possible, and looking at our squad, it should be a realistic target. Now we're out the cup, we can focus on the league - the next 4 or so games should give us a good idea of which direction we're heading in.
    I'm hopeful / optimistic, but that might be more my 'glass half full' bias coming through
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    MbrunoB reacted to Tom S in Cheshunt v Enfield Town   
    I've just looked at the start of the match video and it confirms what I thought: Josh was at right back from the start.
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    MbrunoB got a reaction from Barney in Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent   
    Perhaps it's because officially directors are not allowed on an unofficial forum but don't let that stop you.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Barney in Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent   
    Yes and no, ultimately we are all (mainly) anonymous on here - I suspect that some of the board probably do read this, however I would take every comment with at least a pinch of salt as there no way of telling who is behind the comment, whether they have an ulterior motive, whether they are a member or not, whether they have any kind of agenda etc.
    At least if you're asking a question at the AGM (anonymously or otherwise), it's pretty clear that you're a member.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Barney in Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent   
    Surely the way to change things and get your point across if you're not happy with the situation is to speak with the board, and attend the AGM? I'm not arguing one way or another regarding the management etc. (that's been done to death), but if that's your opinion, then it would be much more constructive to try to do something to change things, rather than posting on an Internet forum. You could email questions / concerns to the board in advance of the AGM if you aren't able to attend, or don't want to ask questions in person. If you're correct in that the majority of members want change, then I would expect the board to at least take this groundswell of opinion into consideration when making decisions about management.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Benjrider10 in 3 year Plan   
    Any discussion on finance is inextricably linked to the supporter’s owned model that we were the first in the country to adopt, back when ETFC was formed.
    I recall reading somewhere (don’t recall where) that the board is confident that we can maintain the existing model should we achieve promotion to Conference South, but would need to revisit were we ever in a position to grow further. So the question we must ask ourselves, as club owners, is how much more can we all afford to stump up?
    In my opinion the current model works, and if that means Conference South is the most realistic target using the current model, so be it.
    Our club is so much more than just the first team. Were independent finance offered in future e.g. local businessman made good with cash to burn offers significant investment in exchange for majority control (I.e. change the supporter’s owned model), the various community projects of which we can be very proud would inevitably suffer (as funds would be channelled to the first team and little else). That doesn’t work for me.
    A look from our bar across the playing fields to what used to be, and the mere thought of the name “Lazarou” (and there are still so many Lazarou’s out there) should always be taken into account, should we ever hold a vote on changing the model. On the flip side, sometimes change is good. Look at Wycombe Wanderers. They got to League 1 using the supporter’s owned model and have only recently voted to change (admittedly, unlike us, they didn’t start from scratch).
    I agree with Anfield Towner’s post higher up the thread. There are no easy answers. Unless one of us wins Euromillions 😜
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    MbrunoB reacted to exiled down south in Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent   
    Stand for election and put your money where your mouth is
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    MbrunoB got a reaction from Barney in Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town   
    Yep let others know who is available so that they can put in a higher offer and beat us to the signing seems like an idea worth perusing at it gets trotted out every time.
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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town   
    I can't remember those four playing for ETFC.
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