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    MbrunoB reacted to exiled down south in Squad Updates   
    It doesn’t but it does take time to check facts and  as you well know different people deal with different aspects of the club so there can be a delay in gathering info, or would you prefer rumours.
    When you was a director of this club what did you do personally to ensure information was sent out to members?
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    MbrunoB reacted to Steph in Squad Updates   
    It may take a very long time if you have an in tray from your employer which must take precedence.
    Sorry for being old fashioned but I came from a time when work was placed in an in tray rather than an email system which does not differentiate between work and leisure, commercialism or just plain junk.
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    MbrunoB reacted to 72wemblyfinal in New Players or retained players.   
    Old Towner that is not exactly accurate.
    As I understand the rules regarding signing players who are not put on a contract.
    The club offers terms for the player to commit to play for the season,if the player accepts we register him as our player with the league,and he cannot play for any other club unless a loan or dual registration is agreed.
    Other clubs though can put in a 7 day approach for a signed player,ie informs the club they intend to offer terms to sign our player,our club has 7 days to offer new terms ect to player,then after 7 days the other club can approach the player.This is why some players are not inclined to sign contracts,as the contracts usually put off an approach.
    At the end of a season all non contract players become free agents and cannot be resigned untill a certain date.This is the reason for silence from the club as they do not want to tip off other clubs of players who may be available.Why make it easier for other clubs to grab players we would like to retain.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Wildlife rescue in New Players or retained players.   
    Guys I'm sure you are aware that all players apart from contracted players are free to leave the club.
    We cannot sign players on again until July 1st any club that does unless they are being placed on contract are taking a big risk.
    Let's keep the faith and see what July brings we may be in for a few surprises.
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    MbrunoB reacted to ETFC Interested Observer in Pre season   
    Are you only allowed to be 'outspoken' after a certain amount of posts? Let me know how many so i know for next time 👍
    Nope! I've just got plenty of other things to do with my time, maybe some others should try it, must get a bit boring sitting on here waiting to moan about something.
    But each to their own 
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    MbrunoB reacted to ETFC Interested Observer in Pre season   
    People moaning about pre season friendlies! 
    Some of you need to have a break and go and find something else to do for six weeks
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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in All gone quiet over there!!!!   
    I'm sorry to say but nothing will change with players and managers leaving clubs whenever they want. We have all seen players' kissing the badge' and saying this is the club for them. However, not too long after they move on for ££££ or because they fell out of love with the club. Sometimes they come back and make out they shouldn't have gone in the first place.
    As usual, it's the supporters who stay the course.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Green Grass in All gone quiet over there!!!!   
    We seem to have this problem every close season, but you know it really is quite simple. The club cannot announce any new signings on non contract because if they do and other clubs with more money than sense offer it to the player concerned, then we stand a good chance of losing the player. Why people are still baffled by this I have absolutely no idea.        However, if you are still confused then please let me know and I will then explain it again in block capitals !!!
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    MbrunoB reacted to Tom S in Next season   
    My voting form must have been lost in the post. What was the result of the poll?
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    MbrunoB reacted to Benjrider10 in Next season   
    Theo, 4WF I understand your frustration and appreciate that you are both long time supporters (EFC and ETFC). You're both better placed than me to comment on the quality of the football over the last 2 seasons - I work abroad and only get to a handful of games each year.
    My point is we are a supporters owned/run club and if the funding dries up, it's not just the first team that suffers. We've seen the "old" club turn to ashes and I have no intention of seeing the "new" club start spiralling the wrong way. That's why I renewed 2  days ago - 3 season tickets and 7 ETFCSS memberships. Most of my family are members and don't even know it 😋
    The debate on the forum is healthy but let's not forget: "no club - no debate". I'd rather have sh** football than no football.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Benjrider10 in Next season   
    Can somebody explain to me how NOT renewing ETFCSS membership/season tickets timely is going to help build a decent team for 2019/2020? 
    We all know that players come and go each season. I'm as disappointed as anyone that Matt Johnson and Joe Wright have chosen to move on, but that is their call. Let the management team get on with their jobs and let's do our bit by renewing. Very few clubs at our level can afford to keep players on a contract for more than a season at a time. If us supporters hold back renewing, the downward spiral begins.
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    MbrunoB reacted to exiled down south in Next season   
    Only the contracted players have to stay all others are free to go to any club they choose. 
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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in Next season   
    It's nice to know people trust in me.👍
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    MbrunoB got a reaction from Barney in Enfield Town v Potters Bar Town   
    We vote members on to the board to run the club as it would be impossible to have every member vote on every decisions. If you're not happy with this stand for election and oust them. That's what makes us a fan owned club.
    P.S. I don't agree with every decision they make.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Steph in So that means another season of boredom then.   
    I would refer you to Disraeli's view of statistics. 😊
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    MbrunoB reacted to TJFootie in Velocity Cup Final   
    Any supporter that was there last night could see what it meant to the supporters and the team to win that trophy,  I certainly didn't feel like the team were playing for a 'Mickey Mouse' cup. Superb all round team performance, thought Davison was fantastic up front, thoroughly deserved his goal, he was my MoM but won't argue too much because Parcell was superb as well. Also thought Rumens had a really good game at the back, he had his hands full with their 9, but coped well and marshalled the defence all night. Totally agree with Stephs comment. Well done to Andy, Mario and all the staff. Last point, thought it was a real touch of class by Hornchurch to do a guard of honour when the team went to get their medals. My respect.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Wildlife rescue in Velocity Cup Final   
    I totally agree.
    Town is not just about a first team and it makes me very proud to be part of the Towner Family.
    Amazing scenes last night well done all you guys that travelled and to the ultras who were phenomenal.
    We go again Sat.🤞🤞🤞
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    MbrunoB reacted to cup of tea in Velocity Cup Final   
    Congratulations on the win and all the best  for the rest of the season 
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    MbrunoB got a reaction from 72wembleyfinal in So that means another season of boredom then.   
    Can't even have a day to enjoy the first trophy in 10 years.
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    MbrunoB got a reaction from Barney in So that means another season of boredom then.   
    Can't even have a day to enjoy the first trophy in 10 years.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Benjrider10 in Velocity Cup Final   
    Very enjoyable match tonight (never mind the traffic and the various magic roundabouts)!!
    Thought we played some good football at times and was very impressed with the work rate of Davison in particular, who ran his socks off and made life difficult for the Hornchurch defenders every time he was near the ball. Youngs as skilful as ever in midfield - he really is a good player. 
    Yes, we have under-achieved in the league, but we only have to look at Braintree to see what can happen to a team that gains promotion when perhaps they are not ready for it. 
    ETFC is far more than just the first team. I've had the pleasure the last 2 Saturday mornings of watching the ETFC disability squad train, and I watched the ladies 1st team play some very attractive football last Sunday afternoon. I'm very proud to be a member of the club, even more so with a new trophy to be added to the honours board. Looking forward to seeing that in the bar next season.
    I agree with Steph's post. The team/squad has improved incrementally the last 2 seasons. I take little notice of the negativity on this forum. I suspect the manager and players don't bother reading it and I don't blame them. You have to be thick skinned to be a success in this game. Everybody has an opinion. Let's have some  positive posts congratulating the team, coaching and management staff and all the directors!!!
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    MbrunoB reacted to Steph1 in Velocity Cup Final   
    A trophy in the bank and, probably, a better position than last year.
    It is not a time to remove the manager.
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    MbrunoB reacted to Barney in Kingstonian v Enfield Town   
    I don't think it was an impossible target, and as MbrunoB says, I'd much rather we aimed high and failed than set a much lower target and achieved it - surely that's showing more ambition?
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not impressed with how things are going of late, but I struggle to agree with this particular line of criticism.
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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in Enfield Town v Leatherhead   
    Shocked to read it was only slightly amusing.😀
    Beer prices will go up irrespective of what happens with the team and the number of supporters coming through the gate.  
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    MbrunoB reacted to andyetfc in Enfield Town v Leatherhead   
    Ole has only won once since he got the Man Ure manager's position. Time for a change😀
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