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  1. Bari have been accepted into ESL
  2. Just been told Great Wakering only new Team in ESL?
  3. My tip for Secretary of year Jimmy Flannagan Barkingside FC.
  4. Good luck Big Man give it a real go.
  5. Agree with manontheinsde spoke to Kevin and he said he was finding it diffulcult attract players to travel to Home games at Waltham Abbey and Manor are back there again next season.
  6. I have seen every team this season more than once and Witham stood out head and shoulders above everyone else,well done to Gary and the gang good luck in the Ryman and your set up is the best in ESL by miles so well deserved.
  7. Best side in esl and good luck to Witham the set up at Witham is superb and needs Ryman well done to all involved been impressed with your side this season!
  8. LOL Mark you know that will never happen at BGU.That is a fact my man!
  9. Southend Manor 0 Bethnal Green Utd 2 7 wins on trot and Manors long unbeaten run comes to an end!!!!!!
  10. Bengal have a different team this season from last,we played Fisher and Beckenham Town and they were both very strong! Talking to Bengal players they have signed players this season who wouldnt travel previously to Kent and so on .The ESL is more adaptable for travel if you live this side of the tunnelsThere is not alot of difference between the two Leagues just the Kent League seem to have much better facilities?I always go by the Vase and FA Cup to get a sort of guide on both..
  11. Good luck to all the ESL teams playing there Vase games today do us all proud!
  12. Bethnal Green have withdrawn from this years League Cup.After the fiasco of the Eton Manor penalty shoot-out and being told to replay the game at there own expence the Club decided they feel let down so would play no further part in the competition.Bethnal Green would like to apologise to all other clubs in regard to this who backed them with the hearing of the League Committee!
  13. After a League meeting wednesday the committee decided that the penalty fiasco cup game must be replayed.Eton Manor made an appeal regarding the game.Eton Manor Manager Kevin Durrant has phoned Bethnal Green today stating I am embarrased that EMFC persued this matter,i only knew of this Tuesday night,and to replay the game is a total injustice to Bethnal Green. who won the game fair and square.Kevin Durrant also said if the game goes ahead he wants no part of it? Bethnal Green have been told they must foot the bill for the game excluding Officials?We are not very happy with this at all it seems we are being punished for something which is not our fault.I spoke to Kevin Durrant today and feel he means what he has said.What would happen if both sides refuse to play{probably both expelled from cup} or what if EMFC refuse to play? Sensible replies please.
  14. M Beggs, J Gallimore,A Stephenson,N Wilson,T Nathaniel,K Jama,Big S,Alfie Kamara all rested or not available.
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