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  1. Manchester United have announced their intention to cancel their home game on boxing day due to the London Tube strike. They dont want to play in front of a half full crowd!!!!!
  2. BlindRef


    Fabio Capello walks into the changing room and sees a turd sitting on the floor. "Whos [censored] on the floor?" demands Fabio. "Me boss" says Emille Heskey, "but I'm good in the air"
  3. Definately something about her I agree. Perhaps its the thought that her Mum Janet Ellis helped me (grow up) on Blue Peter!!!!
  4. 11-September 10 - Happy Birthday BlindRef :)

  5. Yugoslavian??? How old is that joke???? I'm sure she had a mate who was a world renowned torturer --- Yanka Bollockov!
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