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  1. loop

    The Nomad returns.

    Yes Smudge, sorry just a bit behind the others
  2. loop

    AC London Appeal

    Need smudge back on here ducking and diving
  3. loop

    AC London Appeal

    When do we find out what is happening
  4. loop

    Midweek 26-28th April Fixtures

    Well done Worcester park all the best for next season , top club and top people
  5. loop

    Cobham FC now a farce!

    Was it Smudge!! Could have sworn it was you !! Dan get it right
  6. loop

    Cobham FC now a farce!

    Any chance of the ff numpty coming on here and telling us what his agenda is?
  7. loop

    Cobham FC now a farce!

    Correct mate
  8. loop

    Cobham FC now a farce!

    I remember Smudge, just can't get my head round someone just walking in and changing the locks!! Would like to know what the council think about it
  9. loop

    Cobham FC now a farce!

    How about the members clubs refuse to play them till Surrey fa sort this sorry mess,this lot have been looking for a base for a while now apparently and I'm led to believe this might have been tried elsewhere before!!
  10. loop

    Cobham FC now a farce!

    Right then Ashford town is nice who fancies going over there and taking the place over!! It's a joke taking advantage of a club trying to get back on it's feet, the league and authorities need to step in Now!!
  11. loop

    Cobham FC now a farce!

    So are you telling me they have no affiliation to the club? they turn up mob handed vote everyone out they don't want and change the locks and take over!! Hell and hand cart come to mind
  12. loop

    Saturday 29th March Fixtures

    And the Arena
  13. loop

    Saturday 29th March Fixtures

    Especially the best route to Farliegh
  14. loop

    Midweek Matches 26th to 28th November

    Rpv res v Sheerwater 7.45