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  1. Well done Worcester park all the best for next season , top club and top people
  2. Was it Smudge!! Could have sworn it was you !! Dan get it right
  3. Any chance of the ff numpty coming on here and telling us what his agenda is?
  4. I remember Smudge, just can't get my head round someone just walking in and changing the locks!! Would like to know what the council think about it
  5. How about the members clubs refuse to play them till Surrey fa sort this sorry mess,this lot have been looking for a base for a while now apparently and I'm led to believe this might have been tried elsewhere before!!
  6. Right then Ashford town is nice who fancies going over there and taking the place over!! It's a joke taking advantage of a club trying to get back on it's feet, the league and authorities need to step in Now!!
  7. So are you telling me they have no affiliation to the club? they turn up mob handed vote everyone out they don't want and change the locks and take over!! Hell and hand cart come to mind
  8. You were Better first half by a mile second half not so sure, more chances than 2 but there you go!! Oh forgot to say ball over the line that Lino missed and your second goal offside,all the best for the rest of the season
  9. See you soon mate, hope little one is getting all that's needed, Cookie
  10. 4 I heard agreed, two managers one assistant plus one that played today for Lammas I think
  11. I get you mate but I think it's two players a month unless they are let go by the the club and as well as harmony building at Lammas you will get disharmony from the boys that have started the season so well!! Just my opinion
  12. And chocky!!!!!!! Your as good as your last job, they are good lads but there are plenty out the doing nothing fella!! What ever you do you have to enjoy it and I would ask the lads what took them away from a well run club
  13. Lol JR yep just the 430 posts what that has to do with it I do not no but ask anyone if it's just the posts fella
  14. While your at it dig the whole thing up #Needsit
  15. Hope the duchess is ok mate, see you soon
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