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  1. FourFourTwo

    Team for coming season

    Great for the fans, but unless there's a few injuries, and with a few more additions, how's Andy Ford going to keep that array of talent happy week after week!! I would think only Roy Essendoh, and maybe Moore would be guaranteed a start
  2. FourFourTwo

    Manny Ominyini

    Someone has suggested on the Margate Forum, that Rocky Baptiste will be making the trip up the M2 to join us
  3. FourFourTwo

    Best Player

    Who's the best player in Gravesend's recent history? Portway for me
  4. FourFourTwo

    Full Time

    Going full time is a long way off, if it is ever feasible, so why does the club consistently keep bringing it up?
  5. FourFourTwo

    Ben Walshe

    In that case why aren't QPR keeping him?
  6. FourFourTwo

    Ben Walshe

    In that case why aren't
  7. FourFourTwo

    Conference Odds

    Sky bet Conference odds put Gravesend at the bottom at 66/1 along with Farnborough, Margate, and Tamworth, so it looks as if we're being tipped for relegation. Canvey 14/1 and Crawley 25/1. Underrated or what
  8. FourFourTwo

    England v Iraq

    Well, if he's England manager he should have done, he's not doing his job if he hasn't. I'd be very interested to know how many times he's watched Gravesend this season. Don't believe he's been to Stonebridge Road
  9. FourFourTwo

    2 year contracts

    That's where you're wrong Pal. If Eddie McClements, and Pat Gradley can't make the grade with us (both good players IMO) then I can't see Rouse doing so either.
  10. FourFourTwo

    2 year contracts

    Obviously you couldn't have seen him against Northwich. Not Conference level I'm afraid
  11. FourFourTwo


    Victor Victor let's look to the future not the past. Gravesend have moved on, we should be looking for better players, of the quality of Ben Walshe perhaps!!
  12. FourFourTwo

    Conference name change

    Does nobody care what standard of football they play, just about money?? Where's the pride to play at the best level you can? Still we hardly need the likes of Mr Wormull.
  13. FourFourTwo

    2 year contracts

    Forgot about him, but like the Margate two he was a new signing
  14. FourFourTwo

    2 year contracts

    Are the two new signings from Margate the only players to have 2 year contracts at the Fleet. From what I've read in the media, and on the website don't believe any other player is contracted for the next two seasons. Maybe taking a chance with the Margate players, although of course they are more experienced than Gradley and McClements.
  15. FourFourTwo


    Mentioned on the Margate forum that Graham Porter has joined us. If that's the case can't see the point in signing Jackson