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  1. 06-December 10 - Happy Birthday GJ-again :)

  2. GJ-again

    Happy Birthday MummyBunny

    Happy Birthday Beth. Hope you have enjoyed your day.
  3. let me be your friend :-)

  4. GJ-again

    A Message from the fans!!!!!!!

    That takes the statement 'been tangoed' a bit too far!
  5. GJ-again


    Originally Posted By: fatboy slim coachie you must have been watching a different game cos if your players could keep the ball on the pitch then we wouldn't have had too take so long getting the ball back. I really hope you choke yourself on those 5 kilos of sour grapes you must have eaten. You make friends all the time, you must share your secret!
  6. GJ-again

    all things pass...

    Good luck to you both.
  7. GJ-again

    Tonights Results!

    Originally Posted By: TB&G Originally Posted By: Takeley Fc Takeley fc 6-1 Romford While DF decided that he had seen enough by half time and retired back to The Four Ashes until just after the final whistle. Fair weather supporter. Did he start getting the shakes/d.ts being away from the bar for a full 45 minutes?
  8. GJ-again

    To Takeley FC

    To anyone concerned with Takeley FC - it's probably said to you all the time but did you realise that on your homepage the word favourite is spelt wrong.
  9. GJ-again

    Wembley 4 - DFC 0

    Thank you.
  10. GJ-again

    Wembley 4 - DFC 0

    Afternoon. It's been along time since I was last around and a lot has changed, I hope everyone is o.k. Happy new year n all that. Going now see ya. Bye.
  11. GJ-again

    Lost in translation....

    Lightweight and I went to Majorca a few years back and he won the hotel pool side game of 'ring toss'. That night he was awarded with a medal and certificate for TO$$ER OF THE WEEK. A standard, I'm afraid to say, he has kept up until this day!
  12. GJ-again

    new ground for collier row

    Originally Posted By: urchin_mentalist My first ever taste of football hooliganism was as a 14 year old,when my best mate went up to this 6ft collier row fan and told him "my mate wants a row with you" to which the bloke nutted me one,missed,i laughed and then he spanked me so hard i woke up an hour later. Strange thing was about 8 years ago i was driving up the a127 flashing the geezer in front to get out of the way,he pulls over,i call him a w@nker and then decide to pull into the petrol station.the bloke follows me,gets out his car and then kicks the f*ck out of me,guess what,same bloke. As I've said before 'what goes around, comes around'. Need I say more. Anyhow, I've got a very important team to watch. Toodle pip.
  13. GJ-again


    Originally Posted By: coupwotcoup Trueist thing you have ever said.... You should know darling.
  14. GJ-again


    Originally Posted By: neutralbob GJ - we talk good old english! dont we boys, EGHT, right silly kent, UTA, dead, bovril, wallop, goodnutcha! Right silly kent I can live with but the rest puzzle me. There again give me time I might sort of understand them!