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  1. 27-July 11 - Happy Birthday Psycho Monkey :)

  2. 27-July 10 - Happy Birthday Psycho Monkey :)

  3. Great we're stuck with him for another year.
  4. Looked pretty fair to me. Didn't look as horrible as Brother's lunge on Saturday.
  5. Billericay 6/4 to beat us, us being 5/4 to win on Tuesday. All very interesting.
  6. Can't wait. It'll be great to be back at the stadium
  7. Concord, no because I'm in Magaluff (fly out today) Burnham, yes if I can get there (same for Fisher)
  8. Originally Posted By: urchin_mentalist i think it should be done on the ryman forum as it might also help bring that forum to life! ditto
  9. Pretty much the same although I'd leave Owen out 'till he's got full fitness... He isn't playing well but you can't slate him since he's only been fit for like 2 months out of the last two years!
  10. I look forward to some summer forum banter with whichever club gives it to us
  11. Nah, she's too short and couldn't see over the crowd More photo's of the game later...
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