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  1. I can't walk it but can act as some sort of support vehicle at times
  2. I fail to see how the demise of one club could possibly harm the other,that just has no reasoning to it
  3. What message,if it's pm on here I can't access them so text me on 07531 088777
  4. I'm not a bad loser and most of us aren't,well done to romford for finding a way to beat us when their resources are obviously less than ours and to do it twice shows it wasn't a fluke first time,but as I've said,to do it against your biggest rivals,and dress that term down as much as you want Alan,but we all know it's true for the majority,proves to me how they are cheating themselves and their fans as why they can't get results like that more frequently is something you should ask yourselves.
  5. And yes fletch,A Sunday in the ship suits me,although that hole that I frequent has actually been the named the junction and looks like the sort of pub a tart like you would frequent,hope you are well matey
  6. Romford have some decent fans,but they have some of the bitterest cunts in non league football supporting them
  7. Foster,[****!!****] off to Chelmsford As for time wasting,if it happened then why the hell are we worrying and moaning about it,it's football and what all teams do at the end of a match if winning
  8. Missed the game due to work No doubt that on our day we are one of the best sides in this league,so romford must be cheating their fans and themselves if they can do the double over us. Well done to them but it reminds me somewhat of Arsenal v Spurs when Arsenal were winning titles every. Purple of years,we would play Spurs and expect to batter them but more often than not it would be alot closer than expected and I always thought then that of a group of players can get themselves up for a match like that then why not the rest of the season I saw the second half of the away game and though
  9. Sadly,bring in charge of a country regularly entails doing things that we probably don't agree with,let's face it,we all know that the prime ministers job is pretty much a puppet nowadays and the real decisions are made by the party's and not the leader
  10. Putin to me seems like a decent bloke,yes there are many things that he and his government do that I don't agree with,like their policies towards gays and they do tend to be very harsh on immigrants but then again they do have a big problem with Chechnya rebels still and the fallout from that so that's maybe more paranoia than a true hardline tactic,plus let's not forget that this is all still quite new for Russia as a country in its present form. They are still learning as a democratic country
  11. Id lock it but if circumstances were to change then it can be reopened
  12. He's finished,in truth he has been for 5-6 years but because of the financial gains some African,Asian and smaller nations in world football have got from FIFA he has had them in his back pocket to help him out,and many in those countries still won't have it that he is a farce. It shouldn't be disbanded completely but it needs now a group of ex "football" people to come in,totally re structuring the organisation which will include getting rid of anyone and everyone who isn't seen to a) be whiter than white and who isn't from a footballing background unless they are acting in a position unrel
  13. Young men are forever going stupid things,grown men do them too,rituals etc for silly boys/men's clubs. They are usually no harm to anyone,like this instance but it's obviously something the gutter press decide can make a good story. It says a lot about the people of this country that many crave such ridiculous stories and some were actually starting to believe that it was cruel to the dead pig
  14. Well seems to be heating up,what do you reckon the outcome???
  15. I can't believe this thread is still running,isn't there anything else to talk about on here???
  16. Truth or no truth re the Cameron claims,the fact that he's written a book on it and it seems out of spite for not being offered a certain position,somewhat means that it's hard to take too seriously. There's always an element of truth and lies whoever someone feels they have been scorned and the lies are easier to disprove than the truth is to prove on many things,especially boyish childhood rituals which include dangling your private parts in a dead pigs mouth and then having the left jumping all over it claiming that it's sexual abuse of a dead animal which it clearly isn't
  17. He is an Arsenal fan so I am obviously warming to him and as I hate that vile woman Yvette cooper,I am now hoping he becomes leader of labour.
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