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  1. Hi Karen, its such a shame to see that a club very close to my heart is again without a knowledgeable man in charge. Give Dicky my best and i hope they get the right man Jess
  2. Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes gents. Really wasnt meant to be, sent off with a very poor decision in the senior final after 15 mins and then break my shoulder days before the two other finals. Couldnt have wished to end my career at a better run club with a top bunch of lads. Home now, feet up, baby on the way and gloves well and truly nailed up Be lucky
  3. Personally i thought you had an excellent game Pete, that was never in doubt Rod ready, cast off and.................................
  4. Hello mate, i did look for you after our St Mary's game the other week.....great banter with the guys and girl behind the goal.........All going well mate, hope to catch up next week
  5. Jess - I meant more embarrassing in the context of having Mark Jessop sent off after only fifteen minutes, that must have cost Oxhey Jets dearly Me getting sent off cost us full stop...........but embarrassing!!!! Your a literate man, unfortunate would be a better fit....now resist the urge to comment on an event/incident you didnt see first hand Many thanks to those who congratulated us on our efforts, although they fell short, nothing was left on the pitch by the lads
  6. It's hardly surprising the report isn't on Oxhey Jets Website as yet, it sounded a bit embarrassing: http://www.hertsande...up-18042012.htm Embarrassing how?? They are a conference north side, on a lot of money with on loan professional players and are four leagues above us. We play for the love of football and the club, we have and have never had any form of payment and we played with 10 men for 75 mins. As a person who says (albeit loosly) that you are a fan and follower of SSMFL clubs, why dont you congratulate us on being only the second club from our level to ever reach that final and for the run to get there which included beating both Royston and Cheshunt. As your not welcome at any club within our league, please dont hesitate to attend our next county final on the 2nd of May or our St Mary's final on the 7th May and judge our football for yourself. Embarrassing..........i dont think so
  7. Ian_W

    26-March 11 - Happy Birthday Jess :)

  8. Just a quick note to say thanks for all the kind wishes and messages of support ive received both on here and via text and the club. Im recovering well and am at home now and from all accounts the surgery was a success, ( well if losing a testicle can be classed as that). I must say that no blame whatsoever should be attached to the young guy at Hoddesdon, it was a full hearted 50/50 from both sides and it was just a freak accident, but both my club, (Oxhey Jets) and Hoddesdon were amazing along with the paramedics to stem the blood and keep things intact enough for surgery. I really cant thank people enough and its great to see that behind all the banter people actually do care about football at this level P.S, i have one well worn teste going on e bay if you know anyone thats interested
  9. Thanks all to everyone for the kind words...........heres to Saturday lol
  10. Cheers for your understanding fella, He is looking to stay and build for next year, in this league or the one below. We are trying to get the ground up to scratch, however pouring money into that takes away the possibility of improving the actual playing side. We have to put sat down as a one off, and hopefully (sat apart), some of our recent results show that we are moving in the right direction The pitch is shocking and needs work, the facilities are not great, the stands need doing as does adding turnstyles, but where do you start?? Hopefully after a week to look inside themselves we will come back stronger for whats happened and do our best to keep the club in a position where relegation is in the hands of the ground graders alone
  11. Just thought i would pop on and try and clear up some of the confusion. Phil obviously has his work cut out, the social side of the club, a few members aside dont actually care about the club....we played on sat with the bare 11, including myself playing at centre half instead of in goal as normal, we played 5 ressies and as stated one of our elder statesman ;-). We were missing 6 of the regular first team starters who were away and one injured. The basic facts are that some of us do really care about the club, and its a sad state of affairs that we are in the position we are, but when our first 14 are not available we struggle as the club has nothing to offer or attract new players to it It would be easy for us to withdraw however for the sake of football at this level and the game we are trying to keep going. Phil is doing an excellent job with his limited resourses as are a few people within the club. Sat was the lowest point of my career, but as the saying goes there really is only one way left to go
  12. Bite Bite Bite.....ha ha, its too easy
  13. I played for Welwyn on Tuesday night and as a player i can certainly understand the frustration from Hatfield if they feel a ringer has been played........if being the important word. What i will say is dont tar the players or blame the people out on the pitch who worked their butts off to try and get a result.....we dont know what goes on above us, christ we dont know what goes on in front of us half the time, thats why we are near the bottom. In the same context, no Welwyn player would blame any Hatfield player for the racial abuse one of our players suffered through the second half, we know there is nothing you can do about it, just some drunk idiot fans......so what im trying to say is, if a ringer has been used, you should get the points no doubt. But dont label the players with the cheat tag, we are not and any footballer would have seen that on Tuesday night Can Worms!!!!
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