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  1. 10-June 11 - Happy Birthday greenrover :)

  2. 10-June 10 - Happy Birthday greenrover :)

  3. The Ron Humpston years! The Stan Anslow years@ But we were a lot of masochists in those days weren't we?! Can't wait to see the DVD! It has to be one for all absent Fleet fans to savour, assuming there is one of course.
  4. Listened to the commentary and coverage on Radio Kent on the internet here in Singapore. It was a great radio coverage and brought home the atmosphere of it all to perfection. Until this season Fleet had hardly got past the first round of the Trophy and it was only those FA Cup runs we had to get excited about. As someone who has followed the club since 1959 and had seen the Sunderland match in 62-63, as well as all the other games on the way like Exeter and Wycombe etc this was a great thrill. It makes up for all those heavy defeats by clubs like Headington, later Oxford U
  5. Thanks for that and glad I didn't miss anything! Replay coming up, right?...
  6. The radio link is not working for me here in Singapore Can someone please post the progress score?
  7. Tommy Williams played in the Sunderland game and the FA Cup run season of 62-63. He was a class inside right in the 'old money' Didn't see Corney second time around. He must have improved! :-))
  8. White Van Nistelroy....Ray Corney a favourite player?....did he play much first team football? What about Tommy Williams and Harry Easton.....they always did a good job IMHO Anyway, Halifax sure is a long way to go on a Tuesday night. Chip shops near the Shay are not what they were either I am told......
  9. All I got was a file to SAVE... nothing to open. Being in Sydney makes it hard to know what's going on, without updates on the forum or the Football Web <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />pages results service in half an hour when it is all over. NO IDEA what's going on down here except how cold it is!!!
  10. Not bad but a professional reporter writing 'their' instead of 'they're' over and over again worries me a bit... :-)
  11. Met Billy Bone a few times during my visits to Singapore. I can tell you that this former Sunderland player has a few good years left in him and is a hard working midfielder with a good shot on him and a strong tackle. Can be a good middle of the park presence. His club Home United won the double last season, his third with the club. He thought it was about time to get back to England with his young family. Wish him all the best at the Fleet. Should be a useful utitilty man to have around once he finds his feet again and acclimatises after playing in the tropics for some ye
  12. Scar(f)th and Logie? How about Crichton Lockhart and Jimmy Robertson? God what a team they were all in! Or Jim Towers...Gee he scored a lot! But he was in a losing team and the Logie era was a winning one... haha
  13. Thanks for all the posts. It meant I could follow this down under. It was a great result. Many home replays in the past have been disappointments and I was a bit worried especially at 0-1 and then at 2-2. Has the team forgotten how to win though? All those great draws away in the league means hardly a points haul to be proud of but a lot of confidence in the team's ability to grind out a result. Hope there can be a home win at the weekend again and would be nice to get away from the foot of the ladder so the Cup can be given more impetus! Thanks again to Dazza and co.
  14. Great! Exeter back at Stonebridge Road for the first time in an FAC game since 1962-63 when we won 3-2. The same score that we beat them by in the league this season. Let's hope it's 3-2 again! Bring on a bumper crowd! Paul G
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