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  1. I have to say I am utterly gutted. Many a time we have shared a beer Unc and everything always seemed to be on the up and up?! Surely you must have known for months that this was not the case. As a fan I feel genuinely cheated. Yes, you have done great things, no question, but where does that leave the club now? I am utterly gutted and I have to say that there is a sour taste in my mouth. Sorry if that's not what you want to here right now but I am a beliver in being frank and upfront and thats just the way I feel. Can't believe it...
  2. Damn, those filthy scumbags have drawn level!
  3. lol, haven't been watching, that is great news though!!
  4. Lol Lord, my sentiments exactly....Funny, the missus doesn't seem to see it that way!! Nah, couldn't miss the wee fellas 1st Bday. The England game will most certainly be on though!
  5. Now why could my son have not come out a day later\earlier?!!?!? Will miss all the fun unfortunately!
  6. I was already lining up with a reply to it?!?!?!!? Threw me when I saw it had gone! lol!
  7. you were quick to edit that Bridge!!?? <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
  8. bigchin


    17, fek me that is some going! Still, records are there to be broken and with this team who knows!
  9. bigchin


    OI, the barn is already mine!
  10. 2 down and playing as bad as any Manure team I have ever seen! HAHAHAHA!
  11. 1st rule of the forum: NEVER USE REAL NAMES 2nd rule of the forum: NEVER USE REAL NAMES!
  12. Cheers... UU, nothing will get in the way of my quest for beer and footie.....Just don't tell the missus!
  13. Cheers guys, much appreciated..
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