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  1. To expand on that and answer Chris Clapham's plea to bring this discussion vaguely back onto the topic of midweek results, I wonder if Chertsey are quite where they need to be. I appreciate that the Southern Combination Cup is not always an especially reliable indicator of a team's form, but averaging only a point per game after a quarter of the season is not the form of "9/2 title favourites", as Chris had them in pre-season and a 5-1 defeat in a local derby is hardly a springboard to greater things. When a team gets relegated, of course the management and players have to take the lion's share of responsibility for that, but they aren't the only ones. When Ashford Town (Middlesex) went down last season, a decision was taken to change the manager and statistically, things got worse before they got better. However, you can prove whatever you like with stats and football is not just about results, even if they are the most important thing. Performances got better and so did the spirit within the club. Had the change been made a few weeks earlier, who knows what would have happened? However, the change didn't happen earlier because the manager at that time was and is an absolute legend at the club and the Board (which included myself, at that time) was desperate for him to turn it around. That decision to give him time, ultimately, was wrong and therefore those involved (including me) should take a share of responsibility for the consequences. However, because the change was made, Ashford have been able to hit the ground running at their new level and, in the few games I've seen, have played some superb football with a good, young team led by a bright, young manager. The club will enjoy its second spell in the CCL and if it is fortunate to return to Step 4 in the future, it will do so stronger for having come down. As to the argument for and against younger coaches, I think that, increasingly, you will see people going into coaching instead of playing, rather than after a playing career. The game has changed and I think it's moving into an era when coaching is seen as increasingly important, rather than something you do when you can't compete on the park anymore. Playing experience is still vital in some ways, but as is being proved all over the place, you can be an effective manager or coach without it.
  2. I know of several referees who watch matches involving teams they will officiate in the coming weeks. I've also been asked about clubs by referees at various times because a huge number of match officials operating at Contributory and Supply League levels (i.e. Steps 3-5, so SSML Premier Division) do put time into analysing the match scenario for each game they get. This includes any potential "needle" between the clubs, their current form, key players, etc. Of course, Google and sites like this are incredibly useful in this regard. At this level, the match officials take it every bit as seriously as the players, managers or supporters and that includes doing their research.
  3. According to the club Twitter feed, the attendance this morning was 175.
  4. The admission charge for adults at Ashford has been £8 since the start of the 2010-11 season - prior to that, it was £9. Most clubs at Step 4 charge £8 (if not more) and while I appreciate that the club is now at Step 5, relegation didn't cut the rent on the ground, or the cost of utilities. There's no evidence that cutting the cost of entry would do anything to boost gates - it certainly didn't when we went down from Step 3 - and no business would voluntarily reduce its income, which is exactly what lowering prices without simultaneously increasing gates would do.
  5. Well said, TM. I've been to Reynolds Fields a number of times and always had a good welcome. Given that you watch a couple of games a week, I think your view carries a little more weight than an office-bound keyboard warrior.
  6. You've quite clearly libeled Ashford Town (Middlesex) Football Club Limited by making false accusations about the conduct of the company. However, I doubt very much that any action will be taken, short of publicly correcting the utter nonsense you have spouted on this thread. Frankly, the costs involved in pursuing any action would be prohibitive and not a good use of the club's time, money and energy. The reason I mentioned libel in my last post was to try and point out to you that, if you keep posting rants of this kind, eventually someone will decide to take you on. You may also find that the welcome you receive on your travels around the CCL gets progressively less and less warm.
  7. That's an issue with The FA's Full-Time software, as opposed to the League Website itself, so could well be out of Mal's control.
  8. No, Peter, they didn't. The club also did not "dismiss" the previous groundsman, as you alleged in your original post. The truth has been pointed out to you elsewhere on this thread by someone who (unlike me, these days) has a full and detailed knowledge of the running of the club. You can't sling false accusations around on a public forum. Your original post insulted three clubs, the CCL Board and Management Committee and countless individuals. Any number of them could potentially accuse you of Libel, which is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as Threads like this don't do anyone any good, least of all you. And I'll say it again, the subject line shows that you knew what you were doing when you posted, which means you were actively trying to upset people. What does that say about you?
  9. The subject line gives it away - Smudge's post was premeditated, regardless of whether or not drink had been taken. As Duncs says, this has happened before and there are only so many times that you can put stuff like that online before the damage becomes permanent. There are inaccuracies about my club, Lammas and Sports in there and how many hard working individuals have been slaughtered, utterly unfairly, in these ramblings? The whole thing is ridiculous, although it does follow a recent pattern - Smudge has been very critical of an awful lot of people in recent weeks. This is supposed to be a hobby for most of us, therefore you'd expect it to be fun. From the way he conducts himself on here, Smudge doesn't appear to be having any fun, so perhaps it would be better for all concerned if he took a break for a while.
  10. Do you know, I'm always amazed when anyone listens to a word I say! It doesn't happen often... I may have done your 7 a disservice there, but I heard someone appeal and there had been three little incidents involving him in quick succession and I got swept up in the moment. It was that kind of game and, as I don't get to many these days, I might have got a bit carried away. It has been a very long while and it was good to see so many familiar faces last night.
  11. Frankly, from where I was standing, that tackle was appalling and should have resulted in a red card. The Camberley player went in with a straight leg and his studs up. It was dangerous. That said, everyone who was in the ground would have had a different angle on that incident (and others!) and both teams would have had cause to be aggrieved with the referee's performance, although he will certainly learn from his evening's work! I thought the game itself was very good to watch and can see why Camberley are considered title contenders/ They are well organised, good on the break and a very committed team. I wouldn't argue that we seemed to lack a cutting edge up front and would agree that, across the three halves, we probably just about deserved the win on the balance of play. Based on tonight, I think Camberley will be there or thereabouts, because teams will really struggle to break them down and I can see them picking people off on the break.
  12. Smudge, I'm not "one in a million" at all. There are people like me, and people who have contributed far more than me, all around the game. You'll probably meet loads of them around the CCL this season. Mr Constable, for instance, has The FA 50 Year Medal for his involvement in football, although I bet sometimes he reads this Forum and wonders why he bothers! That, for me, is the overwhelming sadness of the situation with Eversley & California. No one wins here. The League get masses of grief and look like they're being harsh on a progressive club. The club has tried to develop the ground in the right way, someone, somewhere makes an error when obtaining the planning permission and all the effort - on and off the pitch - comes to naught. I wouldn't blame anyone involved for shedding tears when they found out, because Ashford were held back for years by ground grading issues. You don't have to apply for an internal promotion within each League - only for moves from Step 7 to 6 and Steps 5 to 4, so I can understand why the restriction didn't come to light (as it were) until late in the day. But all the League have done is apply the rules, as written by The FA. Daniel's comment further up the page is superb and I hope that, in the long-term, the club comes back stronger from all this.
  13. In a nutshell, the League's job is to provide the framework under which the member clubs compete, i.e., the League and its associated cups. Within that, they: Identify and organise the member clubs, collate relevant information about them and publish it in order to facilitate matches Prepare and publish the fixture list, including re-arranging matches as required Ensure all players participating in the League are eligible to do so, by running a registration process and sharing information with the clubs and County FAs to ensure that players don't play while suspended, etc Appoint match officials to these fixtures Appoint Referee Assessors as appropriate Collate the results of the matches and other information, including marks for match officials, hospitality, sportsmanship, etc Gather information from clubs and other sources that may be of use to the membership Publish as much of the accumulated information as is practical and desirable to do so, via the Bulletin and other publications Adjudicate in the event of breaches of rules, protocol or in certain disputes between clubs. And that's just an overview...
  14. That makes the assumption that the "designated person" has both the time and the expertise to advise a club on an issue that might not be football-related at all. No football league should be setting themselves up as experts on licencing laws, or planning permission, or things like that. There is other support available for clubs - most, if not all County FAs have a Development Manager who can advise clubs on things like facility funding - the Middlesex FA's Development Manager helped me to put together two applications to Sport England and one to McDonald's which, between them, got Ashford Town (Middlesex) £70,000 in facility improvements. The League Officers (and most County FA staff, come to that) are approachable and helpful. Surely, if a club needs advice, they can call the relevant person and ask for it? Every club has different needs and challenges; the League can't keep on top of all of them.
  15. This is going to be a bit of a long, off-topic post, but Smudge asked a question, so I'll answer it! When I was ten, I used to help out at my home town club wherever I was needed - chasing footballs, putting out corner flags and so on. By the age of 12, I was on the club committee and contributing to the programme and at 14 I became Reserve Team Secretary before taking on the Programme Editor's job for a while and acting as Press Officer. When I was 18, I was one of several officials to leave that club and was approached by another, a train ride away. I built that club's first ever website, was their Reserve Team Secretary for nearly seven years and was also Assistant Club Secretary and Youth Team Secretary. I left that club due to work commitments and had a second spell at my original club, as Club Secretary, although I resigned after committee meetings were arranged behind my back and players signed without my knowledge. By this time, I was living in Ashford and went to a game at Short Lane because I'd always enjoyed going there as a visiting official. I was asked whether I would like to get involved and, as my work situation had changed and I missed the involvement, I jumped at the chance and have never regretted it. The only reason I'm not still as involved as I was is that, since joining the club, I have become a father and moved into a very demanding day job. My little girl is 5 now and doesn't want to go to football with daddy, so I don't get to many games. With this in mind, I took a step back from club activities, although I will continue to help on an ad hoc basis where I can.
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