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  1. I have to say a massive well done to everyone involved with the club, players, management ,staff, supporters etc. My dad was secretary of HFC for many years and I know he would have had a tear in his eye about yesterdays result.
  2. Table for us Hasbeens pls
  3. Congrats to the fans staff and especially the players for a great season and in achieving promotion.
  4. A good performance last night especially second half. Thanks for all the congratulations from other clubs. I'm sure Romford's will be posted soon?
  5. Thank for your comments and ideas and the ones for twitter/facebook could well be a 'goer' to attract the younger fan. However you can see the dilema that the club faces. As you have stated you live in close proximity to the ground and yet have never appeared to have visited previously. The game was by no means a classic but I felt the atmosphere (from both sets of supporters) was great and yet you still don't feel inclined to visit again. Please attend other matches in the future I'm sure the Hornchurch 'bug' will bite.
  6. Haverings top club are already doing it. They are named after a town in Havering but apart from that?
  7. It really is laughable that you think any of us are remotely interested in how Hornchurch are doing and your club rarely warrants a mention at games or our forum. If it pleases you to think that though, so be it. For someone who implies he is not remotely interested in Hornchurch he does spend an inordinate amount of time on our forum
  8. I want alan to stay, those holes he digs are getting bigger and bigger and yes Alan I do choose to think you talk about us alot. I guess that's because Im very insecure
  9. And that's why I love his Zodyesque type posts, he just don't get it
  10. I would hardly call what was said on the Romford forum slagging off AFCH John. It was no more than gentle humour that wouldn't offend anyone that has even the tiniest sense of humour. sounds like someone is trying to defend themselves
  11. Well done to all who attended and to the players. As for Romturd, I take solace in the fact that old Fence panel and some others will be sitting and squirming over all the positives to come out of yesterday mostly over the compliments from the Grimsby supporters. Rest assured its upset his weekend What happened at Grimsby was of absolutely zero consequence to me, and most certainly didnt spoil what was a truly enjoyable weekend. I am grateful for your concern though hasbeen. If it was of zero consequence which implies you were not interested why mention it on the RFC forum?
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