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  1. Thank you, Simon. I haven't been to watch Romford for about three years, and take my grandson to Dagenham instead. The atmosphere and footballs better and its a genuine family friendly club. With the new American owners putting sensible amounts of money into the club next season could be very interesting. A few times I suggested going to Hornchurch when the Daggers are away but we tend to end up at the Orient instead.
  2. When Westlands is built will you be changing your name to Romford Reserves?
  3. Corey was D&Rs player of the year last season, and is arguably the best player in non league football right now.
  4. Hoping for a quick recovery, get well soon BJR.
  5. I think you are clutching at straws BJR. King is almost universally recognised as the worse governor ever,and the fact Farage agrees with him says it all really.As far as Im concerned he is just another selfish old man who put bigotry before whats best for generations to come.
  6. If we really do have a hard brexit it will all end in tears IMO. All us remainers want is a second referendum once the terms of brexit are known.Surely thats just common sense.
  7. Ridiculous woman who is completely out of her depth. If she scraps brexit, or gives us another referendum I could change my mind though.
  8. As sad as I feel about Trump winning,I was far more depressed when George W Bush got re-elected. Us Brit voted for Thatcher Cameron and Blair so perhaps we shouldn't be to smug.
  9. I doubt if UKIP would be happy with Hitler at the helm as he would be too left wing for them. He would probably be OK in the Tory Party though.
  10. After reading some of the comments on social media from brain dead ill-educated brexteers you could well be right BJR.
  11. And her father. I dont think many dads would be happy having scum like Evans as a son in law .I know I certainly wouldn't.
  12. It wont happen of coarse, but for the sake of peace and sanity in this wicked world of ours the only sensible solution would be if both candidates stood down. The one consolation is that Boris Johnson never became our PM, but when the consequences of brexit becomes a reality anything could happen.
  13. It was announced yesterday at half time. Is he any good?
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