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  1. Throw the book at the clubs involved as well.
  2. Theres no question verbal abuse is rife in senior football and IMO thats totally unacceptable but players accept it because thats the way it is. I really have been shocked at the sexual abuse allegations, but thats probably me being naive.
  3. As sad as I feel about Trump winning,I was far more depressed when George W Bush got re-elected. Us Brit voted for Thatcher Cameron and Blair so perhaps we shouldn't be to smug.
  4. I doubt if UKIP would be happy with Hitler at the helm as he would be too left wing for them. He would probably be OK in the Tory Party though.
  5. After reading some of the comments on social media from brain dead ill-educated brexteers you could well be right BJR.
  6. And her father. I dont think many dads would be happy having scum like Evans as a son in law .I know I certainly wouldn't.
  7. It wont happen of coarse, but for the sake of peace and sanity in this wicked world of ours the only sensible solution would be if both candidates stood down. The one consolation is that Boris Johnson never became our PM, but when the consequences of brexit becomes a reality anything could happen.
  8. When was you released from the asylum Brounmoney?
  9. Fair report although I thought Nathan Cooper should probably have been red carded. Also, I thought the three match officials were exceptional today and deserved a mention.
  10. Another easy three points for Thurrocks finest. 4-1 attendance 210
  11. Romford should be at least joint top of of the table Saturday night.
  12. It was announced yesterday at half time. Is he any good?
  13. It was my birthday today and a happy one because of Chilcotts virtual condemnation of blair as a war criminal. My only hope is that Blair spends the rest of his days behind bars.
  14. I think if the Tories call a snap general election it will be one no party wants to win as they will be in charge of brexit negotiations. If the negotiation go badly and they still take us out and things go really tits up they will never be forgiven. If they decide to take the sensible option and keep us in they will be seen as undemocratic and face political oblivion.
  15. Well actually BJR it hasn't. The Labour Party is "owned" by its members and its us who own the infrastructure, and not the 172 traitors who voted against our democratically elected leader. When Jeremy gets re-elected with an even bigger majority the rebels will have to form their own party without party headquarters and offices, the finances provided from party membership fees and massive trade union donations. As political strategists and democrats they have shown their true colours, and quite frankly my party is better off without them. BTW, I was at Westminster on Monday evening for the pro Corbyn rally with 10,000 other like minded folk from just about every section of society possible. The reception he got when he came out to give a speech was of rock star proportions. He had just come from a parliamentary LP meeting and he was blamed for inciting a mob and a rabble by the traitors. Some things you really couldn't make up.
  16. Personally Im ashamed of my generation for voting brexit and even more ashamed of my beloved home town for overwhelmingly supporting the great unknown, with no thought for future generations. I genuinely hope it all turns out OK but fear the worse, and quite frankly the intellectual ineptitude and racist bigotry which resulted in last nights result has astounded even and old cynic like me.
  17. For me he was the greatest athlete that ever lived. RIP Muhammad Ali.
  18. Incidents like this are not always as simple as they first seem, and the reasons for his passing could be far more complex.
  19. If you cant beat them , sign them,Lol
  20. No worries, the Duke of Wellington is waiting for him.
  21. I really cant believe anyone takes that idiot seriously.
  22. The voting demographics seem to suggest that our generation favour brexit, while the the younger generation overwhelmingly favour staying in.After the way us baby boomer's have allowed politicians of both major parties to ensure many of them will have a lifetime of debt thanks to tuition fees, the certainty that most of them will never get on the housing ladder thanks to us voting for Thatcher so we could buy council housing stock on the cheap, and condemning them to a poverty stricken old age because we allowed the final salary pension we enjoy to be a thing of the past for our own children. I really feel ashamed of the golden generation to whom I belong and hope by voting to stay in they rub our noses right in it.
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