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  1. Think I would prefer Merkel to President Trump running the show.
  2. I'm a proud European but not so proud Englishman so I will certainly vote to stay in.
  3. When the Labour Parties policy review on defence has been concluded I think you will find a genuinely more sensible solution will be found. My own view is that for political expediency their should be a referendum on the future of Trident.
  4. Any truth in the rumour that hundreds of Urchins are coming to Ship Lane on Wednesday to cheer on mighty Romford.
  5. As I never read the right wing papers the thought police haven't influenced me and I honestly believe Corbyn is doing a great job, as do the vast majority of party members. As for the "moderate" (Torylite) Labour MPs, in a perfect world they would join the Tories, resign their seats and fight by-elections. They wont of coarse because they believe their careers to be more important than the ordinary people they are supposed to represent.
  6. I would love to see Bernie Sanders get the Democrat nomination. Prime Minister Corbyn and President Sanders would certainly make the world a safer place.
  7. They already have Dwight Gayle who played for Stansted so why not?
  8. The forums certainly not the same without him. I hope loose is OK.
  9. I still think Loose is Rhodes alter-ego.
  10. Call me cynical, but IMO no decision will be announced until after the new London mayor is elected.
  11. I still think his idea of building a new London airport on the Thames Estuary is a good one, as is his objections to another runway at Heathrow. Multiple cycle lanes is also is a good policy. He may be a complete buffoon but his time as London mayor hasn't been a complete disaster IMO.
  12. Americas history with regards to electing bad leaders is quite frightening, as is ours in the UK. I'm now having nightmares about an apocalyptic world with Trump, Boris Johnson and the French National Front leaders of the so called free world.
  13. Are you suggesting that the Kippers lost the bye-election because the other far right fascist party privatised the Royal Mail?
  14. The good folk of Oldham don't agree with you BJR. Lol.
  15. Jeremy Corbyn has most certainly not sent any MP pictures of dead babies, although had he done so it seems a reasonable enough thing to do to me. Babies will be killed so what's wrong with highlighting it graphically. With regards to JCs future job prospects, he may not have the support of a large proportions of his MPs, but he has overwhelming support from our members and affiliated unions, so there's little our Tory-lite MPs can do about it.
  16. Potentially tens of thousands of innocent Syrians could be killed by yet more indiscriminate bombing, and IMO we would be no better than ISIS. If we want to recruit for ISIS and create more carnage on our shores I can think of no better way to do so.
  17. I'm bitterly disappointed by allowing a free vote, and sincerely hope that every warmonger Labour MP is deselected ASAP.
  18. I'm 66 and I guess you must be a bit younger. I remember Red Barrel was 1/7d a pint, fags about 2 shillings for 10, and you could get a Chinese meal for about 4/6d. If I was out with the boys on a Saturday night I could get change from a one pound note. Happy days.
  19. I'm not that old BJR. I expect to get slaughtered for this, but I used to like Red Barrel, and Double Diamond is still my favourite mass produced beer.
  20. I asked for a pint of light and bitter at lunchtime today, and the serving wench said she had never heard of it. It made me feel very old.
  21. Six easy points every season for the foreseeable is not to be sniffed at.
  22. Been saying there's too many in our area clubs for years. IMO though the demise of one club could prove disastrous for the surviving one.
  23. Interesting comment by Heavy Trucker (post 26) on Sloughs "Romford away 1st November" thread which says it all really. No hard feelings from the Romford faithful yesterday because we were beaten by one of the best sides we have played for years, and if that's the standard clubs from RLN have to reach to be competitive at step 3 its frightening.
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