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  1. The first casualty of war is the truth, and if Putin didn't exist the west would have invented yet another Russian monster. I wonder if Putin is any worse than Blair, Bush, or many of the other warmongers we seem to elect on a far to regular basis.
  2. You can be really heartless sometimes Simon. Comrade Jeremy and I both agree it should remain open until he becomes PM.
  3. Its obvious that when Russia kills innocent civilians its indiscriminate murder, and when we or the the USA do it its an unfortunate accident.
  4. Why on earth would Russia want to Nuke us, unless of course they believed some nutcase Prime Minister of ours was going to bomb them first. IMO its much safer not to have the things in the first place, and spend the money saved on worthwhile projects.
  5. We was still developing chemical weapons until the late 80s at Porton Down, and considering the UKs record of aggressive action against other nations I would be more concerned about being nuked by someone retaliating after we had "fired" first.
  6. Had Comrade Jeremy attempted to get a blow job from a dead pig he would have been locked up in the tower by now.
  7. We helped get rid of Saddam, and the situation is now far worse for ordinary Iraqis. Putin put troops into the Ukraine after a democratically elected pro Russian Prime Minister was overthrown illegally under international law. Now Russia and the USA are sticking their noses into another nations business, (understandably IMO) and Obama accuses Russia of killing indiscriminately.The UK and America indiscriminately killed several hundred thousand innocent civilians in Iraq and that apparently is OK according to the political elite. In the UK we now find ourselves in the bizarre situation of a potential PM being vilified because he hates war, and would refuse to press the fabled nuclear button that would kill possibly millions of innocent soles. At the same time we trust the warmonger politicians with the future of mankind even though we cant even trust them to fill in their expenses form correctly or honestly. Its a funny old world, and I think understandable that many of us prefer plants and animals to most people.
  8. Quorm sausages are rather good, and guaranteed to have no bodily fluids contaminating them.
  9. If the allegations are untrue why hasn't Cameron sued?. IMO its one thing to have a PM who is seen as nasty and incompetent, and another to have one who is a laughing stock worldwide.
  10. Didn't know that. Love his politics but not so sure about his taste in woman.
  11. I understand the right wing press are working on a story that suggests that vegan Jeremy Corbyn has hamophobic tendencies, unlike our animal loving Prime Minister.
  12. Like it or not JC has reinvigorated politics and more than double the amount of people voted for him than the Tory party have members. The political old guard wont dare oust him because they understand he has the unequivocal support of the majority of members and trade unions, and a successful coup would spell the ends of their own careers. As he is a socialist I find it strange that you should mention that he knows the words to his parties anthem, and of course I support Labour. What party do you support Rebel?
  13. I didn't know singing a silly song is part of JCs job description.
  14. Jeremy was actually holding a surgery in his constituency last night so should be commended for putting the interests of the people that elected him first. I find it strange that a thoroughly decent man gets slaughtered for not singing the national anthem while the fact that half the England football team rarely did until quite recently and it hardly got a mention in the gutter press.
  15. All the Blairites plus the right wing gutter press are saying JC is unelectable, even though he has just been ELECTED by an unbelievable margin. I don't understand the logic in their thinking. My own view is that he has captured the imagination of enough people to win a general election easily, if it was in the next few months. Keeping up the momentum he has in his favour will be more difficult to maintain for another four and a half years. Its also a bit of a tired old cliché, but most commentators agree that opposition parties don't win election, but governments lose them.
  16. Of coarse Labour can win the 2020 general election, but only if they don't try to out Tory the Tories. Corbyn has reinvigorated politics and created excitement like no other English politician in my lifetime (Nicola Sturgeon did the same in Scotland with astonishing results).
  17. I believe Trident should be scrapped as the money should be better spent elsewhere. Perhaps the only sensible solution is for Corbyn to call for, or promise a referendum (if elected).
  18. After such an overwhelming victory any Blairite Labour MPs who think they can easily get rid of him have had a rude awakening.
  19. I have waited all my adult life for a potential Prime Minister who supports the kind of policies JC is promoting. As I was a baby when Clem Atlee was PM, IMO the last half decent one was Harold Wilson, so its been quite a long wait.
  20. Corbyn definitely wouldn't have been anywhere near the top of my wish list a couple of months ago, but I'm now completely converted and mightily impressed by the way he has grown into the role he is seeking. Agree that the right wing gutter press will have a field day in trying to demonise him, but it certainly didn't work with Nicola Sturgeon who won possibly the greatest landslide in UK political history, and I think enough of the electorate will see through the lies and vote for him regardless.
  21. We will probably finish mid table or thereabouts. By a country mile Hornchurch are the worse team we have played so far, and will do well to finish much higher than us IMO.
  22. I'm still convinced that Rhodes and Loose are one and the same person.
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